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I chose the little boy Lyn with the blue ice fox tail and ear set because I found them very cute to look at. However, what I've found so far is that a lot of the clothing simply doesn't match these bright, vivid blues and pale blue hair.

A Blade And Soul Player Suggestion: Voices and costumizations

I've enjoyed this game so far and I don't really have any complaints. I just have some mild annoyances but nothing deal breaking. I've played a lot of MMO's and I can count on one hand the games that I truly find enjoyable.


However, as I've said, I do have a few annoyances that I'd still like to see change in the upcoming patches/updates. I know there are game breaking bugs and things that need taken cared of, enough people have complained about these so I won't go into those because I haven't experienced them myself and there's just no need to mention them again. These are just my personal quirks and things I'd like to see. I'm not making demands, as people are wont to assume, these are simply suggestions of things I'd like to see. If you're not into this sort of thing, then pay no mind.


1) The voices.


What I've experienced:


While I love that games include options in voices, I do find that the voices, in particular for the male Lyn (I've only used this race so I will only comment on Lyn for the moment) , don't match very well to the race itself. The Lyn are very small and child like, and while I understand that some might enjoy the more gruff, masculine voices, I find that they're quite unattractive when you create a Lyn that is very child or adolescent in size and look. I know there's a very young voice option, but this option sounds too young, more like a three year old. So I have the options of either sounding like a 40 year old man or a 3 year old child.

What I'd like to see updated:


I'd like to have some in between options. More  youthful but not like a tiny child. Maybe some options in the age ranges of 10 to 16 in a variety of tones. They should at least match the race and gender.


2) The facial decorations and cosmetics.


What I've experienced:


I like the facial decorations and cosmetics but they seem kinda low key for such a beautiful game. But then again, this is beta and these things might be improved later. What I didn't like, however, is not being able to select more than one decoration.


What I'd like to see updated:


More options to layer and move facial marks, scars and tattoos as well as color them.


3) Ears and tails for the Lyn.


What I've experienced:


I love, love, LOVE, this part of the creation for the Lyn. I love their swishing tails and their twitching ears, and that there are man options, of course. But...


What I'd like to see updated:


I'd like to be able to color the ears and tails myself and not just stick with the default colors, perhaps by using a color wheel. Or maybe give color options for each, especially gradient colors like in the fire and ice fox tails and ears, which are just lovely by the way. What I'd also like to see is being able to selective an ear and a tail option individually so I can mix and match them to my liking. Maybe some people would enjoy a much rounder, mousier ear with a long, curly fox tail. Or perhaps a cat ear with a bob tail. To be able to color and gradient them is just a really nice little option and we'd see so many new combinations and colors that you'd hardly ever find two that are the same.


4) Dying.


What I've experienced:


I chose the little boy Lyn with the blue ice fox tail and ear set because I found them very cute to look at. However, what I've found so far is that a lot of the clothing simply doesn't match these bright, vivid blues and pale blue hair. I have the Stalker outfit, but it's red and black, and he looks kinda odd. I really wish I could dye it black and various shades of blue to match his ears and tail. But not just this particular outfit, but all other outfits as well. I'd love to be able to dye them all sorts of colors.

What I'd like to see updated:


Since clothing each have numerous sections that each have their own color/shade, I'd love to see a dye option where I can apply a dye to each of those sections individually. For example, let's say that this particular piece had the ability to have dyes added to some or all of the following areas: A) the bright red areas, like the bottom portion, the chevrons on the chest and the bright red section on the shoulders,the dark red leather portion and the two lines on each sleeve, C) the sleeve fringe and the feathery/fur color, D) the boots or shoes, if any, E) the gloves, if any, F) the trousers and trouser parts, G) any dangly bits (no, not those dangly bits) like decorations.


Also being able to dye the hats and other decorations so we could match the color of our clothing, of course. Perhaps dyes could be made using Alchemy (unless that's already an option?), and maybe even an option item that allows us to change the color of our hair, tail and ears. This could be a premium item (unless it already is???) or as an NPC option, or both. Maybe only certain base colors are available via NPC, which is paid using coins, and premium full color ranges via item.


I'd love being able to have more freedom in customizing my little fella. In this way, we would see much more variety in clothing and colors and again, it'd be tough to find any two that looked exactly the same by accident. Not impossible, but harder.


Anyhow, these are just my suggestions. Nothing major, just some cosmetic stuff.

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