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I have had a blast playing and discovering the world of Blade and Soul. I hope to have many fun hours in the game and hope to see you all in game having the same fun.

A few Blade And Soul feedback suggestions

During the last 3 CBT i have come across a couple of issues while leveling. Now this is just my personal opinion so no flaming please.

1. Unsealing charms: These either need to drop much more frequently, need quantity in shop to be increased per purchase(5-10 for 10 silver), crafting them needs to be much faster(12 hours for 1 craft...), or even just offer them on the Hongmoon store(untradeable of course). Too many times i get blue Soul Shields from running instances and I auto salvage due to not having enough charms to unseal them. I really noticed this becoming an issue around Tomb of Exiles when it takes 2-3 charms to unseal a single soul shield. And even dailies were not giving these out for me....


2. Reward chests from doing dailies and solo instance quests, i.e. Viridian Chest: I am sorry but these are total crap. Not once have i seen anything from these other than a potion or repair tool. At least make these give a key or unsealing charm. I think i would have a stroke if i ever saw the brilliant key or venture tokens actually come out of one of these.


3. Poor RNG: I had the misfortune of trying to get my summoner staff and 1 certain soul shield from Blackram Narrows. It took me 24 runs to get the staff, which is 48 chances from boss drop and personal reward chest, and a total of 32 runs, 64 total chances,  to get the soul shield number 6. Now the weapon won't be an issue for NC coin spenders buying keys from the shop but the soul shield... that was frustrating as hell. Likely this will stay the same since RNG is RNG and i have no idea what to do to alleviate it.


4. Weapon upgrade costs: These start out very friendly and then by the time you get to Moonwater Plains areas they ramp up insanely high. These need to be smoothed out a bit instead of going from a couple silver to get exp to 20+ per Blade And Soul item and that is not even mentioning the fact that the breakthrough in that area goes up to 2g+ per item. I think the overall cost should remain the same but be smoothed out a bit so it is not so much of a shock when you get your Blade And Soul items leveled and see that massive increase to price.


5. Collision detection in doorways and very small rocks: A lot of doorways in the game will flat out halt you in windwalk like running into a wall. Apparently you can soar like a bird and  vault over rocks while windwalking but doorways and pebbles are your mortal enemies lol. This is very noticable in Yehera's Mirage main building.


6: Middle mouse click keybind: I'm sorry but this not being keybindable in a MAJOR MMORPG is just a complete and total fail. This is one of my favorite buttons on a mouse to keybind and usually reserved for my "Oh Crap" button. I am not a pianist when it comes to a keyboard and not having that one extra button on my Razer Naga hurts. And no i should not be forced to download a third party program just to use 1 button that is guarenteed on every mouse these days. I can't be the only person who thinks this should be in the game.


7: A bit more forum feedback from NA team: Seen way too many topics that need replies but always go unanswered.


8: Founder rewards: The most hotly debated topic on this forum and one most wanted by players is sharing the founder pack rewards across all characters. Now for me, the costumes and skins are not a big deal... What I really would like is the inventory space items to be given to each character. My biggest pet peeve in any MMO is inventory space. There is never enough and having spent $125 for a master pack we would all like to have these Dragon Pouches for each character. How many people will make a character and decide to main a different one later on(Warlock introduced later or new class) and will be completely pissed that they cannot claim these founder items on their new class. I could care less if it was a $5-10 charge to get these on each character, just the consumable items, but something needs to be done about this.


Other than these issues this game is amazing. It is fun as hell, combat is fast and rewarding, visuals are beautiful, and the translations are better than most Asian based MMO's i have seen. I have had a blast playing and discovering the world of Blade and Soul. I hope to have many fun hours in the game and hope to see you all in game having the same fun.

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