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Also how am i supposed to claim loot from high level players when they will have tons of Blade & Soul gold and a new player has nothing?

Blade & Soul Closed Beta Begins weekend feedback

hi guys after playing for a weekend i just wanted to post my feedback; questions and stuff...

overall i liked the experience.there is no point to mention all the good things.ill post those i kinda disliked and would like to see them changed or reworked ..

take notice that i only reached level 17 so i could try other classes i might be wrong in some things or the situation might be different in end game


1)tutorials were nice but i would like to see a bit more information and explanation+ practice on the less used skills in pve which are very usefull at pvp... like the step back dodge thing using double "s" (i didnt know i had that dodge ability for a long time and i was wondering how you dodge in this game.there was no tutorial about it and the popup notification when leveled up went away too quickly so i didnt notice it.) 

same thing for other similar skills for countering/blocking; skills you can use when grabbed knocked down etc..


2)questing felt ok-ish. while the initial story looked interesting with that cool cinematic after a while got boring due to many quest steps (and a lot of side quests ) and became kinda hard to follow...i ended up skipping the dialogs because it was taking too long...


also some of the quests felt kinda unrewarding gear wise and maybe xp wise too? although the overall leveling process felt normal in terms of speed considering the level cap is 45.


3)inventory space after a while my inventory was full from soul shield parts and meterials and couldnt pick up anything else...would be nice if we could store those things in different tabs. like one tab for soul shields only.. one tab for materials that way would be easier to find what you are looking for aswell.


3)dungeon's loot system  is different from classic greed or need rng system. and although its nice to see new stuff  im not so sure about this system. To be honest i didnt really liked the whole bidding with Blade & Soul gold to claim the loot simply because it can be abused hard from players who have tons of Blade & Soul gold (using real money)

Also there is no level restrictions in dungeons ?i was in a group with 35 and 25 level players.


isnt this destroying the experience for the new players ?

i was just walking around and everything was done from the high levels i didnt get to kill anything or have any impact making me feel pretty useless.


Also how am i supposed to claim loot from high level players when they will have tons of Blade & Soul gold and a new player has nothing?


i think this whole section should be reworked in a way that will offer the new player the dungeon experience and making the loot system more fair so everyone has equal chances.


4)open world pvp i liked the pvp on/off option by equipping a shirt and i would love to see people to be more motivated to do open world pvp with rewards and stuff even from earlier levels.. the only thing i m worried about here is the high level difference. There should be some sort of penalty when a high level ganks a low level player which is totally unfair . maybe make the high level player unable to remove his pvp shirt for an hour so he gets ganked back from high level people and also make him lose some rating points everytime he kills a low lvl player.max 5 lvl difference seems ok.


5)Arena pvp.  people were saying that the game is balanced among the classes and i cant argue with that because i dont know about the end game.Although there were times i got one shoted in open world by same level player.


But my experience in the arena was pretty awful

first of all because of the huge level difference ! i was level 15 and got matched vs a level 35. How is that in any way even close to be  balanced? i noticed that the game simulated me like a level 29 but still the difference was insane since i didnt even have half of my opponent's spells and moves not to mention the passive skill tree points ! in which i had none at that point. How is this balanced ? i was permanent knocked down or grabbed or flying in the air unable to move.


this must be definitely changed !  use a max 5 level difference in the matchmaking or something...


6)combat system while i liked the overall combat system i was wondering why we cant use our skills more freely ? why we have to have a target to use some of our skills that can offer more mobility and more potential in the combat system making it more fun. I mean since its an action mmo with a crosshair and all wouldnt be more realistic if i could use my blitz skill (as a destroyer. its a 16m range leap stun) with no target and leap in the direction im facing? this could be so useful in so many situations. 

in open world pvp or even pve if you are trying to escape; close up distance ; chase more efficient.. even disrupting an invisible's enemy attack by jumping close to him in the arena ... etc...


thats the most of it... would like to add some more technical issues but it already too long...overall a nice game experience. i hope some things will get changed for the best.. Cant wait till it gets realeased !

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