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The loot of 4-man Desolate looks very unrewarding compared to other easier 4-man dungeon, while people can still spam 6-man to get the legendary necklace with less efforts.

Blade & Soul Desolate Tomb rewards of 4-man version

TL:DR: The loot of 4-man Desolate looks very unrewarding compared to other easier 4-man dungeon, while people can still spam 6-man to get the legendary necklace with less efforts.




Okay, we now are be able to access one of hardest dungeons of Blade & Soul, or at least in NA/EU up-to-date.


I admit that the thing is very challenging and requires at least two classes with separated party iframe skills, along with actually knowing the dungeon mechanic and doing it right, in order to survive and conquer this dungeon. There are not a lot room for mistakes, even for 700+ AP group in 6-man. Meanwhile, 4-man requires perfect coordination and boss rotation, or it would be wipe after wipe.


However, when it comes to the rewards, the 4-man variant is not very satisfying, IMO.


Let me go through what 6-man often gives:

-Soul Shields: ones of the best of the game, up-to-date. People tend to bid nicely on 3rd, 5th and 7th pieces. Any unwanted can be used to salvage for crystals, which can be used in future content

-Blue and purple accessories: Seem useless for now, but I assume they will be useful when more legendary accessories come out

-Chance Legendary necklace: another BIG reason why people keep spamming this dungeon

-Achievement for AP: 100 runs and 300 runs give you AP bonus. The achievement counts for both 6-man and 4-man.

-Stone of Wisdom: dirt cheap compared to Taikhan's skin, but still nice to bid on.

-Rare weapon drop.

-Stingers: well... they're stinger


Blade & Soul Desolate Tomb rewards of 4-man version


What 4-man gives:

-More stingers, lol. 1st and 2nd bosses give you nothing but stingers.

-Chance for outfit and headgear. Well, they are not very pretty, IMO, but I guess they serve as sense of achievement and a right to boast.

-Maybe better rare for Stone of Wisdom?

-Weapon that are used for glamor only, cuz they are not required as evolution material. They drop from 6-man too, though rarely.

-Better chance to get Legendary necklace. But we don't actually know how much higher the chance is. Let say it's 1% in 6-man, then maybe it's 5% in 4-man? Worth it? Not, IMO.


In short, 4-man provides greater and challenge but for a more underwhelming reward. Once you get the outfit, you tend to drop the motivation to do more, since there is pretty much nothing to bid on, except for maybe some Stone of Wisdom (which is cheap on marketplaces) and, of course, the legendary necklace. However, if the run gives you none of those, then gratz, you run for a lot of stingers.


Let look back to the loot table of other MUCH EASIER 4-man dungeons and find that is worth to bid on, excluding outfits. Yeti gives you books and AP achievement. Necro gives you books and false edge, and pet. Lair gives you recipes. Sogun gives you Ember, pet and false edge. Nexus gives you books, and pieces that can give you big buck like 10-100 ornament. Gloom gives you offal. Mast gives you offals, and all bosses have a chance to drop Pirate's Loot Chests, which give you a chance to make big buck at the price of a Naryu Tablet.


Meanwhile, Desolate Tomb gives you better chance to get the legendary necklace in 4-man. IMO, the time you run it successfully with 4-man doing the mechanic flawlessly, you can run it 2-3 times with 6-man, with much more room for errors.


Desolate Tomb is a PUG killer, only if all of your members are clueless about what to do. You can run it 4-man strategy, and get other two players as extra DPSers/suppoters. You have better defense against wipes thanks to the 6-man protection buff, which will save your hide against one-hit attacks in 4-man. With 600AP+ party and buffers, you can actually brute-force the second boss with doing mechanic in a half-ass way (doable in 4-man too, if your party is 650+ with buffers). Even against Lord of The Flame, you can actually kill him while messing up the mechanic here and there, or still stand straight after forget to iframe an attack.


So, why should I run 4-man, considering the time/effort/reward factors, if I'm not interested in the outfit?? With a competent party, it's more profitable and faster spamming 6-man rather than 4-man. If it's clan-run, you tend to do sharing between members, and you want more of your members get involved more in gear-upgrade, which is what 6-man provides with soul shields. You can even get the legendary neck for free that way. For AP achievement, 6-man is easier to get than 4-man.


Another thing that bugs me that for one of hardest dungeon up-to-date, why there is only one daily quest? The first two bosses should  have daily quests that give like 1g per quest.


End of ranting. I doubt NCWest or NCSoft or Bloodlust will try to change this. I just hope future dungeons will have better 4-man rewards that are worth to invest time/effort in.

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