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Even at the very start with the Moonwater Recipes, drops were based randomly off RNG. And that's perfectly fine, I don't mind that.

Blade & Soul Dungeons Suggestion

So, it's been bothering me for a while now how terribly RNG-based this game is.


Even at the very start with the Moonwater Recipes, drops were based randomly off RNG. And that's perfectly fine, I don't mind that.

But that obtaining certain things ONLY through that RNG is a huge turn-off, especially if, as prime example, people run the Desolate Tomb over 200 times without even seeing a single necklace.

That's just bad for the game and the players. They get bored, annoyed and ultimately really, really angry at the rigged system.


I know, it's RNG. I've heard of people seeing 3 or more necks drops within like 50 runs. I myself saw one drop within like 28 runs. But that just shows how RANDOM the drop is. There is no "if the droprate is 1%, I will have it after 100 runs", that's nonsense. If it's 1%, you can not drop one in A THOUSAND runs. Or you can drop 100 in 100 runs. It's just A CHANCE.


So what can we do to fix this?


I've been thinking about a few systems I've seen in other games. 


The first would be the "Token-System", which basically grants the player 1 specific item everytime they finish a dungeon run. Like the dynamic quest. These item's can then be exchanged at a certain NPC, or just in the Dragon Express for items which usually only drop in that specific dungeon.

We already have this in fact, take a look at Cold Storage. Does just fine, no?


Blade & Soul Dungeons Suggestion


The other option would be to bind certain items to achievements. Like, after 50 4-Man runs of a dungeon, the dungeon specific Costume would be sent to your mail through F6. As part of the achievement, having done it 50 times.


Both system will require resources, I understand. But if someone, after 200 runs, doesn't even SEE A NECKLACE DROP in Desolate Tomb, then you can be sure that they're pi**ed. And they're real pi**ed. That spreads bad mood, leads to bad reviews and ultimately just harms the game.


I've discussed this with people I know and got mixed responses. All of them thought that the idea itself was great, it would guarantee something if you just work hard enough for it.

What's important and should be carefully chosen though is the number required.


As example, someone who has run Desolate Tomb for 200 times, does he not deserve the necklace? Did he not work hard enough to deserve it? He spent DAYS farming it but lady luck just doesn't want to smile at him. Do you personally not think he deserves to have it after all the hard work?


But again, the number is the delicate part here. I wouldn't say 200 runs is worth the necklace. I would say 300 is worth the necklace, it also goes well with the achievement.

Or after 300 runs, having gathered 300 tokens, you could exchange those for the necklace.


I know a lot of people might say something like "But that's gonna ruin the value of the items"

What value? It's an untradable item, unsellable. Dungeon specific drops are usually always untradable, exluding things such as asura ember for example.

The Draken Necklace itself is trash, only after you upgrade it it becomes good. And nothing at that will change, you'll only get the base form.


And before anyone says "But then everyone will easily get the legendary neck", what the hell. 300 runs of the same dungeon is NOT easy. It's a long, annoying and tedious process. Seeing the same scenery over and over again, killing the same mobs over and over, doing the same mechanics over and over and at the end dropping TRASH ONLY OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

You go run DT 300 times and tell me it was easy. I've run it 73 times now and I'm sick and tired of if. Especially because the drops are disguisting. 2 Stingers a boss is all we ever get. It happened only once in all these runs that the bosses dropped more than 5 stingers. That's not good, considering it's the, currently, endgame dungeon.


But before I continue rambling, let the idea go through your head a bit, think about it.


By the way, I'm not saying that the drops should be removed. Those should stay untouched. I'm just suggesting a system that guarantees the item after a certain amount of work. Like it should be. If you get it before that, lucky. If not, you will get the item regardless after reaching that point, so YOU ACTUALLY HAVE SOMETHING TO WORK TOWARDS.


TL;DR: After a certain amount of runs, players should be able to get the dungeon drop items guaranteed through means stated above.

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