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Blade & Soul Item tooltips. This goes back to issue A that I mentioned above and it involves the Blade & Soul items, mainly the keys and unsealing charms.

Blade & Soul feedback

Note that I did not take the time to get super high level, I tried out all the various classes at lower levels to get a basic feel for them and try them out along with messing around with various things in the first two starter zones, so I'm not going to talk about things like dungeons, this is more of how the game feels to a brand new player coming in.


1. Character Creator/Graphics

I'll start with that since it's the first thing you see logging in to the game.I will say that the game itself is beautiful, bright and colorful with pretty skyboxes and really nice animations on the player and enemies.I also appreciate the rather expansive character creator options, lots of sliders, lots of options to select for hair/body types/eyes/etc.There's nothing worse than having every character looking the same, I also appreciate that each race/gender wears the armor sets differently to, as someone that likes to play a different race/gender for every class having the visual variety is fantastic.  


Another small thing, giving us that many character slots for the beta was a fantastic idea, I've played a lot of closed betas for MMO's before and I can tell you that a lot of them still limit your character slots so if you have 2-3 classes you really and want to try others, you have to delete the characters to make a new one.So I give them a big thumbs up for making that, I was able to make one of every class and really take my time with the character creator for every race to decide which ones I enjoyed the most. One complaint I had though is the hair color, why no crimson/blood red options? I couldn't find it for any of the races, another thing that seemed odd to me is that basically every female in the creator was glistening, once I had the thought that they looked covered in oil I couldn't shake the thought from my mind.


2. Gameplay


It was a little confusing at first when I realized that I had to use the mouse/keyboard combo, I hadn't used that for a long time as I haven't played TERA in quite some time but once I got used to that it felt very natural.That being said, once I adapted I found the controls to be quite responsive and it felt very natural to attack/run/jump/sprint and navigate.Just running around and jumping on things had a really enjoyable quality to it.Attacking felt good, there was definitely a sense of impact for my attacks and once I knocked down a target and had my kung fu master jump on them and start wailing on them I was having a great deal of fun.  Also, I will say this, actual grappling attacks in MMO combat? I've never seen it done before, so have to give credit for that, I never thought I'd see it and it feels really great.


3. Other issues


So it's not all good and here's where I am going to say the things I really disliked overall.


A) A lot of the tooltips don't make sense to someone just coming in to the game.The first Blademaster RMB attack for example, it says things like "on block does X," does that mean if I use it while blocking? When I block an attack? What do these things do? What's "on boost" mean? More detailed tooltips would be appreciated to make better sense of things.  


B ) Why no autorun while sprinting? That seems like a no brainer.I figured out the autorun key, but I noticed the game wouldn't let me sprint while doing so, seems like a pretty drastic oversight.


C) Why no autoloot? Also seems like a pretty obvious thing that should be in the game.If there is one, by all means tell me where it is because I went through the settings and for the life of me I couldn't find it.


D) More clarity on attacks you can and cannot avoid.So I can avoid charge up attacks, but there were plenty of times (while I was definitely not lagging) I moved to the side and saw an enemy attack hit me while they were facing away from where I was.So is it real action combat where all attacks can be evaded? Or is it block only for those attacks?


E) Blade & Soul Item tooltips.This goes back to issue A that I mentioned above and it involves the Blade & Soul items, mainly the keys and unsealing charms. What are they for? What do I use them for? What's unsealing? What do I use the keys for? I eventually sort of figured out what the unsealing charms were for once I began evolving my Hongmoon weapon the first time and got my breakthrough thing done, but if you're going to give me them early on, give me more info on the tooltip so I know what chests they are for.  Another example, you get the quest that gives you the three pouches to add an extra inventory tab, awesome, but it doesn't tell you that you can't use them until you spend a copper on the first tab.  Some warning ahead of time would be nice or some indicator that you can't use the pouches as an alternative to copper for expanding inventory.  I also believe things like the PVP costumes that say "hostile to this faction" should also have a mention that it includes players also.  I did  my research about that system prior to that so I knew not to put on my PVP costume, I threw it away the moment I got it as I have absolutely no intention of PVPing, at all, ever.But I can see how getting ganked in the first quest zone can be frustrating for someone just coming in to the game.


Additionally, I do really appreciate how a lot of the Blade & Soul items say where to get them, but it's not always clear how to get them, I eventually figured out how to get the stalker Blade & Soul items but to interact with the wheel I have to spin for it, there were times where it suddenly became untargetable.Is it one player at a time? More explanation on that please.  


F) Low amounts of storage.Look, I get it, it's a F2P game and you need to monetize it, that's fine.  But I think the primary storage and inventory should get that first tab we have to spend the copper on to be unlocked at the start.  


G) The map.Trying to get sidequests was a hassle, mostly because I couldn't zoom in as much as I wanted to on the minimap.The closest distance you can get is actually pretty low and it made finding the NPC's more difficult than it needed to be.


H) Chatbox.When I tried to make certain filters to make things like the Party Finder chat invisible by unchecking the box, it still appeared in my chatbox anyway.  But that could be a bug.


I'm glad to see I'm not the only that isn't really "getting" the tooltips.Hopefully it's something they can fix before launch! 

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