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They've announced recently that there will be like 6+ servers during launch as opposed to the 3 servers we had during the Closed Beta sessions.

Blade & Soul Team - Name Reservation & The Latest Announcement

This is a topic that I made to gain some attention from the NCSoft staff and get a prompt response. They've announced recently that there will be like 6+ servers during launch as opposed to the 3 servers we had during the Closed Beta sessions. For those that have founders pack that gives you name reservations, and you want to take full advantage of it-- You should really be seeking out the answer of whether or not we will be able to reserve names prior to picking any permanent servers. While it may not seem like a big deal, they've stated that there will be no server transfers during launch, and I can only imagine those with name reservation will rush to reserve a name with little regards to server selection during that phase (if you're going for those highly contested names). The real concern is when we make characters like we did during Closed Beta, and it prompts you to pick a server for the said character. When the actual launch happens which will bring in a huge influx of players no doubt, there are chances that you have joined and registered for a server that has the lowest population.

I can't really foresee how we will forego such problems even with coordination with your friends and any clan members. Much like any MMORPG games with a cash shop, I'm sure they'll ask us to pay a hefty sum for a server transfer when it's allowed, and I think it's somewhat warranted that the founders who supported the game should get to use their NCoins for something worthwhile, and not on some server transfer due to the lack of consideration. Heck, if they are willing to give us one free server transfer per character out of good will like GW2, I'd be pretty happy with it.


I can understand that this was an announcement made recently, and more answers will likely be given to us later down the road. Would like to know if the community wants some clarifications on the entire name reservation/headstart launch like I do. I've already made posts in the announcement thread, but felt that no one will really go to mid-pages to read everything.


 Will founder pack owners who supported the game's launch be shafted during this launch with immediate (and likely temporary) servers while trying to use one of their perks? Will NCSoft staff clarify on this?



For Reference: (Announcement: )


Edit: And Yes I did read the announcement and I'm aware they said servers will be available during headstart and launch. Question is whether we still need to reserve with a server designation or will they make it so we can avoid that part. I'd hope so-- But a confirmation never really hurt anyone.


"We would like to announce the server names that will be available at Head Start and launch! Be sure to pick your servers wisely as server transfers will not be available at launch."


I believe the announcement says we can choose said server names during head start and launch, but how about some more clarification for the name reservation is really what I'm asking. And while I can respect your own preferences of not caring what kind of server to join be it low population or high population, some players will care who want to really enjoy certain things like OWPvP. It's fine if the company wants us to balance out each server, but I've had too many experiences where I joined a server and found out I was in a server with so little population that I owned the marketplace and no one was buying any of the land plots for their guilds. This was from Final Fantasy Realm Reborn, and I believe there was only 2 large clans/factions in that server.


Anyhow, while I think it's fine to live with this uncertainty and suck it up... Since we've got like several weeks before the actual name reservation and launch starts, I thought it'd be best to avoid such uncertainties by getting valid answers from a reputable source. Again, I see no harm in seeking answers and raising awareness to discuss with those who do care about such things.


I think in theory this would be reasonable. I understand that these name reservations are region-based, and not server-based. It's a matter of if you have to delete names to remake, and you risk that small chance that someone else gets that name during that time period is what will really suck. 15th is when those with the lowest tier of founders pack also joins in on the launch and didn't have name reservation so we can expect people to be changing names. And during the actual launch and after for a period of time, you will likely have a higher chance of losing said name during that deletion.

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