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It has been a decent year for Blade and Soul NA/EU and shout out to NCWest for putting so much efforts on the game with so many great content updates.

Blade And Soul 2017 Expectation

It has been a decent year for Blade and Soul NA/EU and shout out to NCWest for putting so much efforts on the game with so many great content updates.  With the year of 2016 will come to an end soon and  I think it is a good time for us to talk about the upcoming updates for Blade and Soul NA/EU in 2017. This is my Top 5 Must-Have updates and features for Blade and Soul in 2017.
1. 64-bit client 
I think many of us have already know about the release of 64-bit client version update in KR and it has been doing a pretty darn well. Nothing too groundbreaking about 64-bit client versus 32-bit client but it allows the game to utilize more than 4 GB of RAM thus eliminating some of the known issues such as memory leak and crash also providing a more stable gameplay at higher resolution and settings. Hopefully we won't be waiting too long for this us to receive this update in the west.
Blade And Soul 2017 Expectation
2. Free Wardrobe
Wardrobe is one of the most common topic in the forum since the release of the game in NA/EU. I honestly don't think wardrobe should be premium membership only access and although as a premium member you will have to keep subscribing in order for you to use the wardrobe. With more updates and contents to come we surely in need of wardrobe to be accessible to keep the valuable vault/inventory spaces for new drops and items.
3. Simple and easy event
Don't get me wrong on this and yes NCWest are indeed providing us with great events such as merchant of wonder and festival dungeons like the one we have at the moment. But not all players can actually fully enjoy the event as we have to grind the same dungeon over and over again for merchant of wonder to appear and collecting enough event currency to purchase the item that we want. It is a tedious task and you might not even get most of the actual goods from the event. Plus you have to use the in-game currency (gold/hongmoomcoin/ncoin) for the festival dungeon resets in order to get all the items you need. Another thing that we need which also happens to be in this category is by having a daily log-in event. Pretty much every other MMORPG has this feature which I think is not that hard for NCWest to implement it.
4. More rewarding daily quest and daily challenge rewards
One of the issue with the new players unable to keep up with majority of veteran players is simply because of the daily quest and daily challenge reward feels unrewarding. If you think that an average of 40G per day is good enough then something is wrong. We have multiple demographics in Blade and Soul NA/EU. Most of us spent around 2~3 hours per day for daily challenge and daily quests, and trust me there are a lot of other things that you want to do rather than just spending all of your precious time to get the extra gold. NCWest doesn't has to drastically increase the gold rewards but reasonable enough for majority of the players.
5. In-Game Messenger
It may sounds unnecessary as some of the players might already have Discord since it is the only viable way for you to communicate with other players from different server. But I think an in-game messenger would probably be the best alternative option and also a simplified version of Discord for those who don't use it. 
What do you want most for next year updates and features to be implemented in Blade and Soul? Feel free to leave a comment and keep the discussion going. Happy holiday to everyone and hopefully 2017 will be a better year for Blade and Soul NA/EU :)
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