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Second type of player New players, and Bots..I figure there are people that would like me just to summarize these types of individuals. Sometimes, there is a big difference between new gamers to the community, also bots in general aspects

Blade And Soul Dungeons issues need to be fixed

Currently, I’ve noticed there is a level of fair game play. Then, there is a level of people who don’t desire to play. Three things I would like to discuss, the three levels of players, because I won’t reference to them often. Then, I will simply subjectively ask the community how they feel in their own methods to detail what they see in a game for pay to win.


First type of player..I think these are known as P2W. To simply reference these terms, I’m going to simply say..Can make your life hard, I do like the idea of being able to make this optional. However, for instance..Say a pay to win player, or person is trolling the group by slowing you down. I had a similar experience, in Tomb of Exiles, because a 49 rolled on something for 1g I could use as an upgrade for an evolving weapon at the end. The RNG it takes, needs to be lowered on a select lump some of bosses. I noticed, if it can be used for upgrades, or stupid people who pay to win anything? Yeah, make an abundance of it, but don’t complain even if you do something stupid? Quite so, I mean what’s a player based system to not involve learning how to engulf people in flames. Not like I’m going to lose the firestarter achievement. Then, wind up in the same guild? That became a new guild meme on my old name..Burnsthings, when he was just a troll not to have a blade dancer? Then, seconds after..Someone just needs more money. However, It’s not like we all don’t..You don’t have it, tough, and sucks to be you. There are ways, but limits economically in a game as well. These are known among the player based systems. For the player, to not aggravate others, but not make life hard just because you’re a slow learner at a higher level. When people post things on a marketplace seconds after you could have used it.

Second type of player New players, and Bots..I figure there are people that would like me just to summarize these types of individuals. Sometimes, there is a big difference between new gamers to the community, also bots in general aspects. However, the main subject here is bots in all aspects out categorizing the player for a good challenge. While, blade & soul may have 1 million people joining the community. New players are most welcome on a venture to learn, and not assume to be trolled like any question would be a dumb one. However, there are some dumb questions. I may assume, are way too dumb if not able to have the first type of player troll them. I learned from many mmorpgs one really open tactic. Some fights, not saying all can be done with low AP. However, let me give an example of NP-New players. To shorten this, as a brighter future than a bot will make lives hellish. I simply reference to  bots often, among players like one who can be a player. However, opt out while at work of playing..Due to how time consuming mmorpgs are, but really that takes a lot of fun out of playing itself. So, it is deemed cheating, by a rule of fair gameplay, and not organized like we can gain levels while being..Not present, or as most gamers would call it? AFK, the noobish way in my views is to bot. A game, is more staying alive, but damage is equivalent to how much. Not just, how long you’re alive at all for. So, much can be said about AP, but as you might simply call it ATKP-Attack Power..To at least make a bit more sense of the full terminology. AP, is just easier, but I would joke to say what noobs do while streaming in a shower. I’m sorry, Access pass required for that information. While these two players are more a good laugh, but a trying hard type to get upon the P2W-Pay to win level, I think the paying players know that there are two ways to earn brownie points. When, you are waiting at a boss, but unlike the first person I burned a bit too fast? I admit it, I pulled at the end of tomb of exiles..Yet, got the firecracker moment there..Achievement, all in one dose of my own medication. So, it was well earned, but I think the joke was on me anyway. The dead two people behind me, and group still had a damn good laugh that I ended up in a guild with that KFM. Kiss Fail Meat, I figured he was that type..However, I can say this much..Some people, are just too impatient, because they’ve been there all day just for a few slackers. These define both P2W, NP, and Bots. Otherwise, just call yourselves trolls over a faster run. It goes just as fast, as you make it go, but you all knew that was coming.


Now, I just see these three people a shorter version to lump the last, two people into one paragraph, or more.. To save an extended talk, also a hope that the cheaters in Soul Stone Planes will be fixed..If they’re not already able to teleport, lag issues are not as bad, but that’s mainly the distance over VOIP, and other things to do with Windows 10. There are ways to chop a lot of your services down, because currently Windows 10..Would be better off eating my backburner. I’m sorry, that I even upgraded..So, I’m going back to windows 7 quite soon. Have a great day everyone..I hope we get a more evenly based player system, and reminds me before I go. The bots post in the dungeon cube too, because they spam blade and soul gold selling from companies. I avoid those like the plague, but would like it very much to keep these people off my stream. Cleaner, Faction chats, less trolls, also more topics about the game suit helping the people who are not all able to become a part of something bigger? Get there..Take care, that’s progression, also my views to help all players avoid trolling. A good player, produces a nice burn-burn..Then walks away trying to bite his tongue in pvp. I try sometimes, but holy..*Beep* I hate being a Popsicle to my girl friend. She would lick me like taking candy, because from some baby that’s easy till they cry just to have it back. Well, not going to happen in this community..


Rare items + Drop rate = price by how it may influence the community as necessary it will become to obtain that item. To have such an impact on selling of bns gold, people paying outside sources. Hence, which I don't support..However, cheating isn't obviously being well monitored by enough to not get players who just afk in pvp. Let alone report them, what does that do, because will they ever get banned permanently? It potentially ruins a game, when natural select few abuse it, but more the company will either decide to finally enforce these laws late. Hence, less profit..Until then regardless, but no gain of positive community members. So, good outlooks solve a lot of things, and people who actually want something done about it.

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