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If anyone have any other bugs that they are having with Soul Fighter skills please let me add it in the list.

Blade And Soul Fighter Bugs/Nerfed

As the title said above I would like to address few issues with Soul Fighter

If anyone have any other bugs that they are having with Soul Fighter skills please let me add it in the list.

Hopefully after this I would get some attention from GM to make more changes to improve the quality of this class

I know it could be much more than this.


First and the very important skill of Soul Fighter, Kingfist.

Kingfist is a skill that activates chain combo of Dragonfist as soon as you reach 5 Chi level.

Kingfist is a target skill which can be activate once you're close to target.

Not only this skill have the worst consistency bug like KFM's triple kick

It also have target bug, that when you stand in front of the target and you hit the skill at an immobilized target, the skill still will not consider a hit. 

I'm talking about hitting immobilized target at point-blank.

Not only Kingfist have this bug, the right tree of this skill called "Frost Storm" also have the chance of missing 20% of the time.

In case of Kingfist, it has 50% chance to fail.


Next skill I need to address is Iron Shoulder

This is extremely hilarious because

when you use the build of RMB as <<Right Punch>> (Stage 3)

Once you hit 10 Energy, you can hit the target with Iron Shoulder and it will not miss

I know this skill is bug because when Iron Shoulder hit the target with Full Bloom

Even if the skill missed the target, I WILL NOT lose my Full Bloom buff because skill never activated.

However when I use the left tree Cobalt Punch, if I happen to get target bug and miss it, I'm stuck with 6 second cool down on Iron Shoulder

because it's considered a skill already activate on the target (which it's not).

This game force me to use the right tree rather than left tree? 



Blade And Soul Fighter Bugs/Nerfed


Another skill which isn't as significant is a skill called Elbow Smashed

I'm not talking about just the normal skill

I'm talking about the Hongmoon Block

By using Hongmoon block, Soul Fighter block will activate the same effect as Kungfu Master

Give invincible for 1.5 seconds (which is 0.5 sec longer than KFM)

Here's the bug part, I'm not sure if KFM ever have this problem

but for Soul Fighter, there's 30% chance Hongmoon block effect will not activate if 2 attack register at me at the same time.

when this bug happens, my hongmoon block is just another normal block with no hongmoon effect whatsoever.

There's a low chance for this bug to happens in pve, however it's a WHOLE different story in pvp.

Skill when poop half the time.


The last skill I need to talk about is Dragon Fist

No, I'm not talking about the skill

I'm talking about the Soul Badge

According to the Soul Badge of Soul Fighter

While I'm using Dragon Fist with Tribute Soul Badge equipped, I'm suppose to be immune to CC such as

Stun, Daze, Knock Down, and Knock Back.

My opinion? (fact)

This soul badge is absolutely trash

when I first bought it, I felt like a million buck

now I feel like a penny.

During PvE, while you're using Dragon Fist with this Soul Badge

There's 20% chance you will not get immune from stun

30% for it fails on daze

70% it fails on Knock Down

and 90% chance it fail on Knock Back.

Yeah it does absolutely nothing, you should just rely on your own iframe Q and E (or C)



Here's the some of the skill which are not bug, but needed to improved.

I'll go from top to bottom

1: Rising Dragon Strike (A launching skill)

this skill is way too danm long for the animation, I feel like... wait it's not just the feeling

the animation is actually slower than even KFM, which is ridiculous.

This is the first class I've play with this extreme long launching animation.


2: Golden Dragon (buff)

Wow I can't stretch enough how depress I am at this buff

So in order for my Focus Chi Tier 4 to activate, I need to use kingfist 3 times


I'm pretty sure EVERYONE out there only went for tier 3.

Chi Burst also affect by this buff

Here's a funny part, not only I have to pay 2 skill points and spend over 500g 

or a 2 weeks long grinding to get this hongmoon skill

I can't even use this Hongmoon skill because I need to stack 3 golden dragon for it to take effect.

What kind of logic is this

I have to dps in order to heal?

What in the world have there ever been a healing skill that require you to do a shit ton of DPS for it to activate.


Let me explain it to you out there who does not have Soul Fighter

Image you have a healing skill, and instead of waiting for 30second cool down before activate it again like everyone else

You have to do a shit ton of dps and a lot of crit in order to build up each Chi

You have to stack that Chi 5 times to get a Golden Dragon, which cost you like 15 seconds if you use right build

Ok? Not only that you have to do that 3 times. Ahue

Ok so you have to waste 45 seconds not counting you have to go through all the smacking and try to survive the boss

In case you wondering, Golden Dragon buff only last 30seconds

if you can't build another golden stack buff in that time frame, it reset, you have to build it back up again.

Once Golden Dragon stacks 3 times, finally you have 3 stacks, the Hongmoon healing will now take effect

oh wait, you only have 30 seconds to use it. Guess what your team isn't needed your healing anymore.

Now your team lost some significant hp, guess what, you have to build Golden Dragon all the way up again. Boo Hoo.

another 45 seconds to go.... ugh.


Not only you made Hongmoon Kingfist not worth shit

you also made Hongmoon RMB also worthless

NOW you want to make SF Hongmoon Healing useless as well?


If anyone have RMB out there, you know danm well that after Restrain skill came out

Hongmoon RMB became useless.


Did NCSoft had a dream like

Soul Fighter is already bad

hey guys let's nerf SF some more!

aye aye aye!



My rant is done

let me know what you think below

And any other bug

please support so they can make Soul Fighter great again

Honestly all this nerf only affect pve

it has no affect on pvp whatsoever.

so please make Soul Fighter pve matters.

Give some support!

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