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It really isn't bs at all. Have you even played Force Master? A decent Force Master can tank most of the bosses in the game without having them move around.

Blade And Soul Force Master Tanking

It really isn't bs at all. Have you even played Force Master? A decent Force Master can tank most of the bosses in the game without having them move around.


It's also in a FM's best interest to stay close to many bosses when they have threat, because of charge/jump attacks and other mechanics that can make their lives hell, as well as those of their teammates;


- Lair of the Frozen Fang - Naga King and Tetralisk Queen are both tankable by FM without having to kite at all.


- Naga King has a 5 move rotation - normal slash, normal slash, slam, spin, shield. FM can use dashes to dodge the slashes, can easily sidestep the slam, cc Naga King during his spin, and Heatwave to knock him down when he uses his shield. Divine Veil T4S1 can be used to score massive heals from poison blobs.


- Tetralisk Queen's normal melee attacks hurt a little, but the tail slams are dodgeable, the spins can be cancelled with cc (or you can walk away 5m then run right back after the animation is over), and Divine Veil can be used to let the Naga adds heal you instead of whittling away your health.


- Avalanche Den - Yeti is easily tankable by Force Masters without having to kite it around. They have two ways of doing it as well;


- Hug the Yeti's feet; use a dash to dodge his uppercut, then simply walk through Yeti to dodge his attacks. When Yeti jumps up in the air, you can either back away slightly to not get hit, use a dash, or cc him with daze Heatwave.


- Stay within 5-6m of Yeti - walk in and out of his melee range to dodge his attacks. Do it right and you don't have to use a single dash, and all of his attacks will miss.


- Awakened Necropolis - Profane Jiangshi and Scorpion Queen are both tankable by FM.


- Profane Jiangshi's attacks can all be dodged extremely easily without dashing. Simply walk through him to dodge. Cancel his shockwave with Heatwave/Glacial Beam or use Frost Sheath for party i-frame.


- Scorpion Queen only has 1 attack in her rotation that really hurts you - her huge spin. Cancel it with Glacial Beam or use Q/E to dodge. Everything else doesn't hurt that much, or can be sidestepped.


- Sundered Nexus - Drill Sergeant's melee attacks are easy to dodge, the blocking mechanic (to stop them charging across the room repeatedly) makes things more complicated. Same for Heavenpiercer.


- Sidestep back and forth to dodge Drill Sergeant's melee attacks. You can dodge the third hit of his triple stomp by using Q/E, or backing away from him. Stay in melee range the whole time or he'll chuck little serrated discs at the whole party. His charge can be blocked with Firestorm or HM Impact.


- Heavenpiercer's melee attacks are easily sidestepped. Step back and forth so your squishy melee friends don't have to worry about being hit. Block Heavenpiercer only after he makes it to the blue circles, so your friends get the crit damage bonus.


Blade And Soul Force Master Tanking


- Sogun's Lament - Ken, Gen, Charged Iruga, and Asura are all easily tankable by FM. Volcano and Glacier (elemental birds) are harder to tank due to their bullshit undodgeable melee attacks.


- Against Ken/Gen, get nice and close to them, and sidestep back and forth to dodge all their attacks. Use Q or E to i-frame the shout - if you don't, it applies a 60 second movement speed debuff, which will make it a bit harder to sidestep their attacks. If they try to spin attack you, just walk backwards. When they shout, backstep towards the far wall, and slowly sidestep to dodge the jars of molten metal. After chucking 2 jars to the other side, the boss you're fighting will then try to attack you again, and throw jars directly at you. Don't panic, just walk towards them while firing spells. As long as you don't stop moving you'll never get hit.


- Charged Iruga's a bit tricker because their melee attacks are fast and hit hard. Sidestepping is still your best friend. Stay close so you don't get hit with lightning bolts or hit with a highly damaging charge attack. Don't be afraid to Q/E if in doubt.


- Volcano and Glacier are scary. Best thing you can do is Q/E as much as you can, 

use Frost Sheath/Ice Armor to i-frame as long as you can, and use Heatwave whenever it's off cooldown to knock the birds down so you have more time to run away/stay alive. Don't bother trying to sidestep, their melee attacks lock on and will always hit you if you don't i-frame them.


- Asura is very easy to tank. His melee attacks hurt, but you can sidestep most of them, and what you can't sidestep you can interrupt with Glacial Beam. You can also make Asura drop his flame swords on you instead of your melee teammates - block the first Flamefrost orb with Firestorm, and simply sidestep around the arena while throwing attacks at Asura. You can still do damage while flame swords are following you - Kung Fu Masters/Blade Masters don't have that luxury.


- Gloomdross Incursion - Baruk is easily tankable by FM as well.


- He hits like a truck but everything he does is really telegraphed. Sidestepping will let you dodge most if not all of his attacks. You also tank him without ever going near him - he doesn't seem to want to follow the tank, and will just chuck ranged attacks if his target is too far away. You can just use Divine Veil to heal from his ranged attacks, which is one really lazy and effective way of tanking him.


- You can also do the Entangled Seed mechanic at the same time - once the first set of wraiths are trapped, you can just tank him with Divine Veil while being ready to run to the next one. Place Heatwave, get ready to run, interrupt his slams with Glacial Beam, and then knock him into the air with Heatwave. This should give you the time you need to make it behind the next Seed.


- Shattered Masts - FM can tank the snake twins and Taikhan. Kuwajin (fat purple dude) is so easy it doesn't even count.


- Sidestep to dodge most of their damage. They have the same rotations (more or less) as Tetralisk Queen, so their little pincer attacks will hurt you a bit but you shouldn't die. Use Frost Sheath to save the party from Scarlet's 4 hit combo. If you're attacking Scarlet, make sure Cobalt's ranged attacks don't land on top of where the flowers are spawning.


- Taikhan's first two swipe attacks only hit directly in front of him, so you can dodge them by walking through him. He sometimes hits in a circle around him - you can tell he's about to do this if he curls up (he's about to violently uncurl and knock you into the water). Dodge anything you can't walk away from with Q. Save E so you can switch to Frost Stance for Divine Veil. When he throws the Corrupted Water, use Frost Sheath to i-frame his first two jump attacks. It's ok to walk into the water just a little so you can dodge attacks - it's way worse to actually be hit.


Skilled Force Masters can even tank Blackwyrm, though it does turn a bit.


As a general rule, Force Masters are the ones that take the heat - even if there's a Blade Master or KFM in the party, a low ping FM will usually take aggro - so it's an absolute requirement that we learn how to tank each and every dungeon boss in the game.

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