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New players will get a second weapon after you reach the Bamboo Village from the storyline quests. This weapon should be kept and upgraded for a long time. No need to replace it, as it will remain as the strongest Blade And Soul item u have with very little work.

Blade And Soul Guide: New player weapon upgrade

I have noticed alot of trolling in the faction chats when a player asks for help. More so when it is about the lower level weapon upgrade or Soul Shield. So I wanted to post a guide to at least help a few members out in the early levels of the game.


First off is the Hongmoon Weapon upgrade...


New players will get a second weapon after you reach the "Bamboo Village" from the storyline quests. This weapon should be kept and upgraded for a long time. No need to replace it, as it will remain as the strongest Blade And Soul item u have with very little work.


If you Shift + Click on the weapon in ur inventory it will open the upgrade window.

*if you do not see the window in the picture click the middle tab at the top of the window.


From this window u can now start the upgrades to the weapon. You will need other weapons (any weapon work the class will not matter.) or Element stones. (from surveys, quest, & daily dash)


After a short time of upgrading the weapon u will see a breakthough notice pop up.

At this point you will need to find the correct weapon for the job you are on to upgrade the weapon more. The weapons take a small bit of work but you can get them if you follow the steps bellow.


About level 6 The quests send you to an area on the map called "Foshi Pyres". This area has a field boss (the red face on the map) "Stalker Jiangshi". He has a short respawn timer.

This boss will drop a small chest on the ground after his death. Just make sure you do some damage to him before he dies to get the dropped "Stalker Essence".

This item is to be used at the large Wheel of Fate near by. (Defalt it can be seen on the map)

Spend the Essences untill you get a locked box.

*Make sure you hit the Confirm to take the box or it will ne lost after 5 seconds.


Now with this locked box in hand. Open it with any keys you have on hand. (If you have a "Hongmoon Brilliant Viridian key" it will give you the weapon for the current job you are on.)

If you do not get the weapon for your job keep opening them untill you do. You can also use the zone chat to see if other players are willing to trade for the one you need.


With the Stalker weapon for the current job in hand. Open the upgrade window again.

This upgrade needs an extra item. "Viridian Poison" (this Blade And Soul item is from daily quests or the dungen boss Pokey)

Once you have both items finish the upgrade & you will be set till the next breakthough upgrade at Stage 10. This upgrade will have to wait untill you are level 19. Due to the dungen the weapon is from. (Blackram Narrows)


In addition to the weapon box you got from the Wheel of Fate, you will also get some Soul Shield parts that you should equip. (Think of this as your stat modifier or "armor" in most other games.) Most full soul shield sets ofter a set bonus. You can pick the ones that suit the way you want to play. (Most lower level player stick to the Stalker set for the bonus.)

This set can last you a good bit of time. Some even wear it untill lvl 20. After lvl 20 you will want to look into getting a new set. You can get the set from Blackram Narrows if you are willing to spend the time & unsealing charms on this set. I personly would advise getting the set from a vendor in "Jadestone Village".

If you chose to get this set over the dungons set it will cost you 8 "Viridian Valor Stone" as show bellow.

Last of all I often see many lower level players asking where to get "Unsealing charm". The charms can be crafted, surveys, or the daily dash. Just keep an eye open and they will show up before you know it.

Sorry for all the pics. I know its a alot of info & visual aide has proven to be of great help in the past with many MMOs. As well as I am not the best at the english language so do forgive me for my mistakes. Hope this helps at least a few players out.

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