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Why are Level 50s there if not to help a friend or clanmate get the drops that they need to advance their gear?

Blade And Soul Narrows Test

Why are Level 50s there if not to help a friend or clanmate get the drops that they need to advance their gear? The rewards for them are negligible. And lower-level dungeons/bosses are no challenge. 


The first line/entry, number of runs Level 50s helped kill aggro'ed mobs, 4. So that on the OTHER 16 runs, they just ran/flew as fast as they could and left the Lowbies to fight their way through. And then probably complained that the Lowbies were taking too long! My least favourite part of dungeons. Always rushing. "You should check Youtube to know what to do!" Yes, but all those videos show real teams working together, progressing through the dungeon. Together. Not one or more Jackasses rushing through doing nothing while the remaining players, new to the dungeon, try to figure out the shitstorm that you have left for them and still make it to the Boss before you set off the Firewall. Because you are "tired of waiting."


Second line/entry, number of runs L50s waited for everyone to pass beyond the firewall, 3. So, 17 runs in which they did not wait for everyone. 17 of 20 runs, AT LEAST one Lowbie getting his or her time wasted. Patience. Making sure that your partner(s) finishes too is a good thing. ;)


Blade And Soul Narrows Test


Third line/entry, clear enough, 3 times L50s actually behaved such that the Lowbie was guaranteed to have time wasted. Above and beyond issues mentioned in the first 2 entries above. Are you trying to get added to the Ignore List? Reducing the number of people who want to interact with you? Genius.


Fourth line/entry, 7 runs in which L50s made sure that everyone was in the Final Boss's Chamber before starting. So, like entry 2, 13 times all Lowbies did not all get credit for the quest. So, 3 runs that L50s waited, (Entry 2), and 4 more runs in which Lowbies just happened to make it.


L50s-well geared L40s as well-can run this dungeon solo easily. If you team with Lowbies, try not to let selfish tendencies out and instead, be decent. Not sure why anyone sees these numbers, (Which are a small sample size, but fairly representative.), and thinks that THIS is good.


20 Runs. 16 in which the L50s rushed to each Boss, offering no help. Again, if you do not want the bother of helping, do it solo. You are no better for the team than the weaker player who EXPECTS to always be carried. 17 Runs in which members of the team did not get past the firewall. SEVENTEEN. If you are in a team, the team needs to work and/or finish together. 3 Runs in which Lowbies were trolled. That MIGHT not have been so bad if the first two entries did not exist. 7 runs of 20 in which everyone in the team was credited with the quest. So, 13 Runs in which there was no concern for the team.


For those of you who have actually experienced it with another person, imagine Team Dungeons like sex. If you feel like you need to rush it, that it's boring, you are doing something wrong, need to add some spice or actually learn how to do that team part/consideration for others thing. Stop wasting people's time if you have no intention of thinking of anyone besides yourself. Do the dungeons commensurate with your level. Do it alone. Or try to focus on someone besides yourself. Helping others complete a dungeon that THEY find difficult-Narrows, difficult? Shocking, I know-will give them pleasure. That's a good thing. You will find that doing something "nice" for others can create more opportunities for you to get what you need. And if making sure that your partner or team finishes as well as you finishing is not part of your goal, then you are definitely doing it wrong and would certainly not be in my dungeons ever again.

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