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If you dislike the race option, blade master might be your class. Has a block skill, less iframes, plays "similar".

Blade And Soul New player guide

In the following i might be going a bit to deep into the game, but you wanted to not waste time.. so here we go.


Usefull knowledge:

- Until 35+ you nearly dont earn any money at all. Dont waste your unsealing charms or keys. Use them only on necessary stuff (Breakthrough, Evolution Material, ..).

- Enjoy the story if it's your first character. You will speed level every char after the first one anyway (most likely^^) so take your time once :P

- Since there can be competition for quest mobs, just invite players into groups. Quest progress will be shared  (and way quicker). 

- You keep your hongmoon weapon + accessories throughout the whole game! Keeping your stuff up to date makes killing stuff (even) more easy.



- In Jadestone Village (~lvl 15) you can choose your professions (Craft + Gathering). Soul Warden and Merry Potter are good money makers in the lategame

- All professions are leveled in real-time. Stuff can need anywhere fro 40min to 24h to give some exp to your profession, so start is ASAP to not waste time later on. 

- Joining a gathering guild unlocks a quest that gives 1000 exp. Which is huge for that level! You can leave your guild and join the others. For a total of 7000 free exp, if you want to.


Upgrading (Equip includes weapon, earrings, rings, ... everything that can be upgraded):

- To upgrade equip you will feed it equip of the same categorie. So, in order to upgrade a weapon, you'll feed it ohter weapons. 

- The weapon levels with exp, just like you do. After 5 levels you reach a breakthrough point, after 10 you'll reach a evolution point.

- At a breakthrough point, in order to progress to a higher level (>5) you need a specific piece of equipment, a few materials and a bit of bns gold (copper early on).

- After a breakthrough you continue leveling your equip from 5 to 10. Then you reach an evolution point, which basically is the same as an breakthrough. See above.

- After an evolution your weapon changes appearance, in some cases stats, and starts over from level 1 (doesnt mean it got weaker btw)


Breakthrough / Evolution knowledge:

- Said Breakthrough / Evolution pieces are often dropped from a boss fight. Mostly at the end of a dungeon. 

- Blue (Rarity) equip can be traded and as such can be bought on the auction house. Purple equip cant be bought! You'll need to get purple items "yourself", keep this in mind.


- Most weapons drop in chests. These weapon chests drop a random weapon, meaning you can drop the weapon of any class. Not guaranteed to be yours. 

- There are cash shop keys that actually guarantee a chest to drop your weapon when used. They are region specific, you'll get the one for region 2+3 as a gift (for a survey)

- Dont waste these keys. Use them on purple equip only. I'd recommend using the cinderlands one in "Tomb of Exiles" and to keep the moonwater one for an endgame dungeon.


That's all that came to my mind for now. Hope it wasnt to much. That's basically the problems i see people running into quite frequently. 


About assassins: 

- They dont have a lot of burst damage, they have a lot of (single target!) dps. In long fights you'll be one of the top dpsers, in short fights other classes are better (burst). 

- Assassin in this current state of the game is quite spammy. You'll pretty much be in stealth and press RMB-F-RMB-F-... the whole time. Let's say.. it hurts after a while.

- Assassin with his spamm is quite reliant on animation cancelling (a skill canceling the animation of an other skill, see above) which is ping reliant. Bad connection = bad dps


LBM (Lyn Blade Mater, or in this version: Blade Dancer):

- Melee, quite good dps, dunno about burst.

- They *dont* have a block ability. However they have a lot of iframes (= skills that make you invulnerable). Handy/Unhandy, depending on the situation.

- If you dislike the race option, blade master might be your class. Has a block skill, less iframes, plays "similar". It's a lot more burst oriented, but thus less dps in long fights. Or at least i think so. There is no dps visualisation in the game.


In general classes are pretty balanced (and will be even more so after level 50 patch in the future). So if i say "less/more dps" it doesnt mean "bad/good class". A class that has high single target dps usually has lower aoe dps and vice versa, a class that has high burst damage will outperform you in mobbing and small bosses, but have less dps in long fights and so on. Same goes for survivability, cc, and so on. All classes have advantages and disadvantages. Generally, pick the one you like the most from the way it plays. 



We will have a patch tomorrow. The patch will include a leveling event due to the release of a new class (warlock). The event basically means that any character below level 10 (before the patch) that reaches max level (45) in <= 3 weeks will get a few rewards and an exclusive costume. 


So you might want to wait with leveling up to get the extra benefits. The stuff you get is actually nice if it's your first character (a bit less grind late game^^) and an exclusive costume is always nice. The class you pick doesnt matter by the way - it just has to be < lvl 10 before the patch. 


If you want to participate in the event (you only have to fit in the above criteria) but you also want to play, you could just test the classes a bit, if you are not sure yet it's also good to level the classes you are interested to anywhere between 10 and 20 to get a first glance on what the class is all about. You shouldnt measure yourself on it, but level 10 takes about an hour or so if you are efficient at doing quests - so even if you "leveled to high for the event" you could start over - if you want to. Oh and while we are at this topic:

- When you do a screenshot, in the menue popping up you can save your characters appearance to automatically recreate it

- If the character is below level 15 deleting it only takes 5 minutes, after that time you'll also be able to reuse the name you used. 

- If the character is >= 15 it'll take a week to delete it.

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