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I don't care if you want to read this or not I'm posting this in hopes maybe the makers of Blade And Soul sees this and maybe take these into considerations, if not, oh well

Blade And Soul Pros and Cons in my opinion

Since its my first time beta testing a mmorpg I thought I would give my feedback. I hope its ok to post this here. I don't care if you want to read this or not I'm posting this in hopes maybe the makers of Blade And Soul sees this and maybe take these into considerations, if not, oh well



-Graphics are amazing probably one of the best mmorpg graphics out there. Also I love the fact that the graphics are really good and it barely lags on my computer. Most mmorpgs I play I have to lower their settings cause their graphics make the game lag.

-I love the combat and the traveling skills (dash, dragon stream, glide, etc.) The traveling skills make it different compare to other mmorpgs cause you dont need mounts plus I love watching the parkour scenes lol.


-The combat is amazing i love the strategy, the action, and the combos. I will not play mmorpgs if it a stand there and shoot type game. I like action which is why I play TERA so much. But I think the combat system in this game is a lot more action compared to TERA so far. 


-The character customization is one of my favorite things about the game, so many options I was having a hard time deciding what I want lol. I love making characters and making a variety of them as well.


-I also love how leveling up isn't too hard or too easy, well so far, I've only gotten to level 18 at the most. But so far its not a constant mindless grind that makes mmorpgs boring.


-I love how the NPCs have personality and they actually talk lol it actually makes me want to read the quests which I barely do in mmorpgs lol, Plus it makes it feel more like an adventure game as well.


-I really like how you had the purple quests to teach you how to play your class, my biggest complaint about mmorpgs is that by endgame a lot of people don't understand how to play their class and it makes it frustrating to party with them. But sadly that went away after level 12-13. I wish it stayed.

That what I can think of so far as for Pros.




-I hate how to do a simple task you always need a specific item. Like if you want to expand your inventory you gotta get the bags. If you want to open a weapon you need that charm. I get frustrated that every time I try to do something it says I'm missing the item to do that action and you need in game money or real money to get it. Or even try to find that item in the game and being new to the game it makes it difficult.

-I also don't like how everything is pretty complex, it may be just because I'm a newbie and still learning but like just to find a party for a dungeon it took me forever to try to figure out the LFG system and I still dont know how to fully use it. I just wish they made it more simple. And dont get me started on trying to learn how to use the marketplace wow that was a headache.


-Like I said above with things being complex I also think it was difficult understanding how to reinforce/enhance your weapon. I didn't know if I ever get new weapons or if I just keep leveling up that one weapon etc. I like simple things, and no I'm not saying they should make the game super easy but they could make doing tasks a little less complicated. I hope when game officially launches there will be a BNS guide on the site or at least somewhere on the web.


 -I dont like how the beta gives you 7 character slots and then when the game launches they will give you like 2. I understand they want to make their money and I don't mind paying for extra slots but I hope they aren't too expensive cause I would like to have 7 slots back when I start the game.


-I dont like how you have to choose one crafting category, but that wont bother me too much if you can change it again later in the game if you want. I haven't fully learned the crafting yet cause again it was pretty complicated.


-Like I stated above how you need all those items to do a simple task well I hope getting all those items you need isnt just from the cash shop, I mean who likes a pay to win mmorpg? haha I don't. I just dont want to be stuck mid-game cause I gotta buy something from the cash shop. 


And I think thats it, overall I really enjoy the game and how its a lot different from other mmorpgs. I look forward to it launching. Sorry if this is a long read but I hope you enjoyed it!

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