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This review was needed for a long time and I hope it inspires people to give more constructive criticism about the game.

Blade And Soul Review Time/Rant

This review was needed for a long time and I hope it inspires people to give more constructive criticism about the game. Now first off lets list off some facts about the current state of the game.


1. Less people play the game than at launch.

2. There is few things in the game to help cultivate social harmony

3. Games population is continually shrinking. (subjective)


Now that these facts are listed its time to delve into the game points, this update was a step in the right the direction but it also showed much flaws that still need much work on. 


1. PVE

2 .PVP

3. RNG

4. Quest rewards

5. Social aspect of the game


Blade And Soul Review Time/Rant




Now this is kinda a love hate relationship this aspect of the game is awesome with its unique dungeons and interesting boss fights. I feel this part of the game was executed properly in most regards, the problem I have is the quantity of rewards (I class rng as what kind of item you received rather than quantity) its too low at the moment and to make matters worse the bid mechanic makes things almost unbearable to farm so hard only to end with a "close call but no cigar" moment. It makes the prospect of doing the dungeon unrewarding and more of a chore rather than a recreational activity. To remedy this problem I can see no other viable alternative than to take out the bid system and put a collection system instead of bidding the end dungeon rewards should be given to everyone, besides most of the stuff is useless anyways 9 out of 10 you will end up with some alpine variant and mirage crystal and unless you're in a clan or guild you most likely won't need them. I say this is the only viable way is because every mmo has an aspect that can't be taken away or it completely destroys the game ( NO its not RNG or grind that drives away people other than yourself). I love to critique but also offer solutions which I personally can't see how it would negatively impact the players experience of the game.




Its kind of a mess but as of the last update it brought hope and some things that need to addressed. I love the whirlwind event its a great alternative to summoners hall aka Arena, coupled with the event going on it makes getting HM skills viable. The only negatives I ran into was if a team afks through the match and I don't get a certain amount of damage I get no points even though it wasn't my fault this needs to be fixed. The next negative is when the gear isn't equalized, I am decently geared but I am not just worrying about my experience I worry about the experiences of others as well because mmos are a team effort. To fix the problems of pvp I would suggest listening to the communities recommendations of re balancing of classes as of right now its kind of like water beats paper, paper beats rock etc and if you're out of the equation then you're out of luck. Whirl wind valley credit should be given to the winning team instead of a damage requirement, also the equalization of gear is a must as well because pvp is about skill not gear. 




This update has lead me to the next big problem of the game which will cause new people to leave and thats RNG. This games RNG is so bad its not even funny it makes we want to scream sometimes, how can I be doing daily challenges for 4 weeks straight only to get 1 gold 5 days the rest was nothing. I heard of stringing along the player but this is just too much now and to top it all off this very problem makes the event happening now worthless for the player base you most likely will get a bruiser charm (like I need 10 ap I rather moonstones dammit!). There are two ways BNS can play this either change rng fully and increase rates or compromise and do this if you the player does 7-10 day straight of daily challenges then you will get a preferential chest will give you the best possible outcome for the perspective chest take it like this its like a bar on the side of you daily tab and when its full the chest you open will give you the best possible outcome. This method rewards players for playing the game and gives incentives to keep playing, also if you refer friends to play this game you get gold to your account each person can be 5-10 gold something to give a new breath of life into the game.  


Quest rewards


They can use work the exp is paltry at best and the gold is scrap wage, it feels like I am slave doing the requests for I mean go here kill monster or go here collect stuff the least you can do is give me 5-10 gold each from main purple dungeon dailies (and please spare me the conspiracy theory of this will inflate things you need people and willingness to inflate neither which is present in this game as of late). Solutions for this problem is make  exp instead of 10,000+ make it either 60,000+- 100,000+ to make things progress more smother this is only for yeti,necro etc which can only be done once a day. 


Social Aspect of the game


There is no parts of the game to or nothing to make people want to socialize its just go in do daily and log off and this game has soo much potential its seriously a waste. We need things in this game to make people want to socialize with each other (sometimes I rarely talk with other players the weapon progression is real). I would suggest more social game mechanics like whirlwind valley that inspire team work in sense (we all know wwv doesnt bring the best side of us) but its baby steps for now.


This game has great potential and I believe it can be great but the way how things are now we need to seriously re think the viability of the game. Also you all are free to offer rebuttals but lets have a healthy debate.

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