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Basically all classes, maybe with the exception of assassin and kungfu master have some decent or good aoe spells. suggestion

I'm looking for a class that have close and range attacks, Balanced AOE and single target skill, able to solo.


Currently, my main is Warlock but I got bored with it. I've tried Assassin. It's fun and I don't remember why I delete it. I only choose Jin as my race so the only available class is Assassin, Blade Master, Kung Fu Master and Warlock.

I want to be able to soloing a boss. Have close and range attacks, Have AOE skills and the only class I can think is Blade Master. Any suggestion? suggestion:


No such class exists. You want a ranged and meele class in one.. the only thing that would come close to that is summoner since summoner is ranged but the cat is meele. It would also have good aoe and single target dps. But your only accepted race it jin.. making things complicated.


From all the available jin classes, the only one coming close to what you want is blade master. Blade master can tank stuff, is decent-good at soloing (if u dont suck^^) and has decent damage - mostly bursty damage, most of it being aoe. BM's can shoot sort of a shockwave in draw stance, which would count as an ranged attack (more mid range tho) and one of their AOEs can be cast from "ranged" range too. 


Still, if your fps and/or ping arent good and/or you get frustrated easily you should not pick a meele class. In lategame ranged classes are better in dps, mostly because they have nearly 100% uptime on their dps while meeles have to dodge. This will result in you getting lett loot or having more troubles getting loot in late game. It's not impossible as a meele, just a lot harder or more frustrating since you will die a lot more often compared to a range class (which stands out of range of 90% of the attacks).


If you want good damage:

Meele: Assassin

Ranged: Force Master


If you want to be able to tank:

Blade Master / Kungfu Master


Sort of Pet classes:

Summoner (, Warlock)


Basically all classes, maybe with the exception of assassin and kungfu master have some decent or good aoe spells. Every class can solo content, if ur good. Some classes (assassin, summoner for example) will have an easier time soloing stuff that isnt supposed to be done without a group.


Other than that, the upcoming class, the Soulfighter/Chi Master might fit what you want. It's supposed to be a mixture of KFM and FM so it has ranged and meele elements build in. No idea about the damage tho.


Blade master has a block (spammable, 100% uptime if you want to) on 1. That will protect you from all yellow attacks, if you time it properly. For red attacks BM has a skill on Q and E, and as always SS. The only thing to mention about these is that you will switch stance when using them. Q switches you to draw stance, E switches you to normal stance. 


Generally speaking, played correctly bm wont die easily in pve. He also has an ranged attack protection while his V is active (V->X) that makes him immune to all projectile attacks like arrows or magic.


If you like sword classes, you will love BM. You will stick to the enemy and dash around it or block to evade his damage. The only downside is that he is meele (which in this game sadly is a downside^^) and that his single target dps could be a bit higher. Hard to compare tho, it's not that BM doesnt do good damage, it's just that classes like FM will do more (they also benefit from not having to evade attacks actively of course).

If we ignore ranged classes, i'd say BM damage is good. A bit bursty, thus high at the beginning of the fight, probably a bit less dps overall in long fights. Mostly you will need burst damage tho.


More AOE: BM

More medium range skills: hm dunno. Not a lot on both sides. More damage on range BM, still not a lot or dps.

Mobility: Probably Sin, but it's pretty close here. Guess they are just different.

Versatile: See below.


Judging by your last paragraph, i dont think ANY class will satisfy you in pve content. In pve there is always one best rotation. For some classes this rotation contains 3 skills, for others 5 or maybe more. But there is always one best dps rotation from which you wont go away. Obviously, you`ll have to dodge while doing it and so on.

That goes for every single game, not just bns btw.


"I want tons of attack pattern and swish swoosh everywhere and evade evade counter and bam !"


- You should play pvp as an SIN or KFM for this experience i guess. It's not easy by any means, but that's what you'd get for being good at these classes in pvp. As i said, pve is more like a "repeat your best dps rotation while avoiding being torn to pieces by the boss" sort of thing. 


In case ur still deciding between BM and Sin, some info about their rotations:

BM: your goal is to spamm RMB->LMB in draw stance as much as possible. You will place some aoe fields when ever available, one of these enables you to buff your RMB->LMB combo (by a lot) so timing it decently into the bossfight will do good damage. While slicing your oponent to pieces you'll use mostly Q>E and sometimes SS to evade. You can spec an iframe into your 3 in draw stance and you'll use cyclone after block to maintain aggro (if wanted) and focus (if needed).


SIN: Until you have good gear (or more precisely, the hongmoon skill) you'll use the perma stealth build. In this build.. you dont do much. You'll use a rotation allowing you to be in stealth for nearly the entire duration of the fight while maintaining a good enough focus regeneration. While stealthed you'll spamm RMB->F as much as possible (until your fingers fall off. I found it pretty exhausting over longer playtimes). There is not much more to it. Really good to solo stuff, over average dps. Not that good in groups since you cant maintain your stealth as well when people run around and the boss turns a lot and also casts aoe fields that will knock you out of stealth. 

One thing to note: DONT play Sin if your internet sucks. A good ping is needed for the RMB->F combo and your dps will suffer from a bad ping. Technically this goes for most animation cancelling classes, but i found it to be very noticeable with Sin especially.


So after you got the hongmoon skill the build will change, effectively making Sin #1 or #2 (single target!) dps. Not quite sure who wins in dps right now, probably sin in raw dps but fm since they have nearly 100% dps uptime.


I did not play it yet since my Sin is not my main char, but this build relies on you keeping your 5 poison stacks to do your damage. You'll also play more actively since you wont be stealthed for most of the fight. It's still spammy tho, i believe it is something like RMB->LMB->F, just out of stealth (while maintaining poison stacks). I'd say that this might fit your needs, buut you'd lack ranged and aoe damage skills.


Also on a last note: I'm not sure if you'd even make it to the second build, since it costs hundreds of BNS Gold for the skill alone (or douzens of hours of effort for farming achievements and items). You said that you get bored very easily, and even if you dont mind the spammy build i guess you wont enjoy the permastealth build since it's effectively a 2 button build for 95% of the fight where as other classes are a lot more active. As i said, that changes with the poison build.. but you might not make it that far if you get bored easily. 


Edit: I'd recomment you to go watch some youtube videos of BM, KFM, Sin (and if you wouldnt be locked to Jin: lyn blade master) clearing the tower of mushin 1-15 on youtube. We dont have all 15 floors yet, but you should get a good idea of how the class plays if you watch these videos. Keep in mind tho that the tower of mushin is the most pvp-like pve content in the game, meaning that some classes go through the tower with a slightly more pvp oriented spec than they would use in any other dungeon.

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