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Sin block every 8 secs pretty normal.we have to defend our self right n 8 secs not long not short.

BnS PvP Season FM

sin block every 8 secs pretty normal.we have to defend our self right n 8 secs not long not short.


bkstep Q E normal cds 

second escape not so op as ppl say cause if u compare with fm/des second escape we have this 


example :

fm/des spec 2d escape---- sin spec 2d escape 

fm/des press1 key to use it-----sin has to put down flower >>so he is 1 step behind 

fm/des already have escape -------sin now can use escape 

sin currently has spinal stun bolt step stun that used to restealth n everyone knows how to counter it 

our 4 aoe stun on 18 secs...and if we sacrifice our penta iframe we have another stun .

assasin has the longest 100-0 combo(time wise) and i mean we cant kill fast and  that include so many skills .


we have our 3 kd 8 meters that is a skill shot n u can easily miss out land mine that require to have u locked down to succeed


BnS PvP Season FM


and finaly we can use decoy to proc F for kd that its so sow 

assasin may seem op in the hands of ppl but that is cause they know so good what they do n that dont include stealth poison bomb hide run time out lmao those sins 

im talking for the kind of sins that are full cc build aerial combo ground combo etc n all that out of stealth .


now can u imagine a sin always out of stealth without block it would be a punch sack 


what ppl crying sorry for the word is mostly stealth n evade during stealth n speed 

the logic behind is that :


when ur invisible n ppl cant see u ( tho ppl can see u )its resonable not being able to hit u right ? cause how to hit someone that they cant see thus the EVADE logic!

so now we done about sin evade that is 50/50 .


now about speed in stealth kfm has a speed buff bm if bkstep has increase speed bd has increased speed sf has increased speed why sin has to not have speed how is he gonna be able to catch up becase in order for sin to stun we need to be in stealth so if i cant catch up to someone how i will fight ?


i want to add that some classes dont have speed buff if i can call it this way fm is range can u imagine fm have also speed buff ?


something else sin second escapes seems similar to wl second escape that change position with the thral n thats if he has the thral out =if sin has put down flower 


look at the immunities that bm n bd has or sum they can do damage while they have up the immunity sin cant exept he throw his stun for our C that dont do much damage but mostly buffer time 


fm dont have many stuns but has chills fm Q E longer cd but longer iframe time than sin 

fm has veil sin has smoke and btw smoke vs wl is useless cause almost every wl attack goes throgh smoke 


i might forgot stuff but lemme know .

generally ppl think sin is op cause stealth evade speed but thats for ppl that dont know enemy class


just imagine that i can easily be in the same shoe as lets say kfm that fights a sin in stealth when i fight another sin i know how they feel but i know what that class can do cause i play it and 98% of the time i can see the ohter sin being in stealth .

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