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NCSOFT and w/e the original developing company is have a symbiotic relationship. if in their contract they have to pay exorbitant prices for new content NCSOFT would shut down the program tomorrow.

Bots in PTs: cause of these damn bots joining pts

So your talking about it would be expensive to employ the dev team? that team isn't fired every time their not working on a specific patch though. likely the team shrunk and expanded around heavy programing periods like the initial launch and the US/EU launch. other then that though an mmo would need to employ a team of programmers at all times to maintain the game fixing bugs and also work on new content and patches. im just not understanding what u mean by buying DLC. as users we buy DLC for any random game. as a company though it would be a matter of what level of partnership the company has.

NCSOFT and w/e the original developing company is have a symbiotic relationship. if in their contract they have to pay exorbitant prices for new content NCSOFT would shut down the program tomorrow. they have to produce a sizeable profit to employ their own people, pay for bandwidth, server space, blah blah blah business junk. also in many cases where a product is redistributed by a 3rd party lets say walmart for example. walmart has to pay the company a "royalty". if NCSOFT closes the doors because the price is too high that original dev organization loses out on potential revenue too.


I did some programming and have a fair grasp of what it takes to program games. how copy and pasting some lines of code is expensive ill need help understanding. vote kick already exist in the game. the code is there. if u wanted to as one potential fix enable it its as simple as typing a small sentence and setting whatever value u used to associate with that block of code to "on". right now its written as a basic if then statement if player is offline then kick away else no kick. if u wanted an auto kick from the server based on inactivity that also exist. ever walk away from the comp for a bit and find yourself in the character selection screen when u finally came back. that exact section of code could be used just with qualifiers that limit it only to cross server and reduce the time from w/e it is now down to a few minutes for cross server. now if on the other hand u want to hire out to a team of two dozen programmers and you want to commission a completely new piece of code built from the ground up to check for inactivity, and kick after say 300 seconds, or say enable vote kick after 90 seconds of no user input, and maybe even add "flags" players can use to self identify as "afk" to proetect themselves from the auto kick for X seconds/minutes. then yeah that could probably cost you some money since your going outside the company to commission a work. if you keep it in house that doesn't apply though.


As for the bots yeah I kinda agree. but bots are a difficult thing to write a program to detect. if u write it as a check to see how many buttons are pressed in a given time which is mianly used to check for macros "fast" players not using macros could get banned just because they have excellent hand eye coordination and reaction times. if u use a name filter to check for nonsensical names like "dasflkghjsdal" bots will just start using less random letters in their name generating. speed penalties they already implemented, and even then when they first implemented it I got zapped a few times just running around jadestone. haven't been zapped recently so they must have altered the speed threshold. skill use is one im not sure weather or not the server can even check for. like the summoners that just flower power and instant go invis after each shot. is the skill code stored on the user end or the server? my guess is user. if so, can the server even see and count the number of times a skill is used and cross compare that to the cool timers/focus level? even if u implement every one of the above mentioned counter measures bot users could just retool their programs to use no speed buffs, no "skill hacking", and just have their bot emulate a player as much as humanly possible. now all your bot countermeasures you spent the last 2 or 3 weeks writing, testings, and finally implementing are useless and it probably took the bot users less then a day to edit their own values to no longer be picked up by your checks.  bots will always be an issue in any MMO. problem is our mmo u can lv from 1 to 50 in no time flat. where as in other MMO's it might take weeks or months to get to max level and thus be plenty of time for the gm's to pickup and ban the bots before their reach end game content. here the gm's basically would need to know about the bot the second their char was created or in a few days that bot will be in silverfrost farming soulstones. our incredibly fast level path sets up a way for bots to reach end game content with ease, and thus incentivies them to spend their comps processing power on a game like this because they can very quickly get a return on their investment of time were as in another game even running the bot 24/7 they might need 3+ weeks before they get near "end content" and can start actually grinding money/mats.


Right but that creates a situation where its possible to straight ban players from end game gear, eliminating their means of making money, to improve their gear and thus "get better". if I go into a yeti for example and im running awakened or true siren with say 410-430 attack. and people freak out cause I dun have 500+ and kick me im probably going to be filing a complaint with the gms minutes later for harassment. ive cleared yeti with sub 400 partys and by sub 400 I mean no one had over 380. is it a smooth super laid back ez run, ummmm are you stoned?!? it was a omg, smash the buttons on the edge of ur seat kinda fight right down to the wire, but it was a rush and I loved it. I don't own a ride a motorcycle because it gets better gas mileage, I own one because its a rush to take corners in (sports bike not touring junk). forcing me to abide by "your" definition of "standard gear" is offensive. im not you, and you arnt me. if everything was a cake walk and easy as pie in this game I would quit tomorrow. I personally refuse to be carried, and would not go to a dungeon where I wasn't confident I could pull my weight. I might not be matching damage with someone that has 550 attack if im on a char with 400 but im also not going to die. if in doubt watch a vid or two and learn the bosses routine if you need the help. at 300-350 attack you should be able to run naryu just fine so long as you know the attack routine and don't get curb stomped. so long as you survive and continue attacking you wont fail the mission at that attack value, but if you die ur doing no damage, don't matter what ur attack value at that point is its 0 till u revive or until the fight ends.


I play this because its about the closest thing ive found to actually needing user input and actively engaged or u die. I played vindictus for years. its even more harsh on players that make mistakes then this one. the whole "attack level crap" was even worse there. people would want like 18-22k attack for a simple lowish level 60 run where a new player at that level would have maybe 8-10k at 60 with decent gear. i should prolly mention ud need to be lv90 with pretty good gear to pull those kinda stats. it created a very hostile and poor enviernment for new players and the game by in large died out because anytime a new player would reach 60+ to start the "raid" instances; they would join and get yelled at to get better and kicked from the runs because they had "crap stats". they couldn't really get better because they had to do those runs to get mats to craft better gear (also needed many of those runs for quest progression). the server channels turned into ghost towns and eventually started filling with bots that took the place of the players. is any of this starting to sound familiar? the hostility born of the attack requirements bred a situation where new players felt harassed and didn't want to continue playing. many of the people I talked to who told me they were going to quit admitted to loving the gameplay, but the player based "elitism" created a negative enviernement an the game stopped being fun and started being depressing. fortunately for us the pay to win model used in vindicuts isn't an issue here. so we have that going for us. in vindicuts it would cost about $200 us dollars per character to get half wise decent end game gear at lv90 because you needed to by enchanting and enhancing runes to protect your gear as your powered it up, lest it just fail and destroy your weapon leaving u with NOTHING.


We have the advantage of not having to deal with the pay to win aspect of that, but the elitism is already driving away casual players, lowering our player base. also bots have been a steady issue since about a week into the launch. at this time I have the knowledge and experience to run any dungeons currently released without issue, but have recently swapped servers from yunwa to jiwan in the hopes jiwan will be a bit more populated in the silverfrost areas. are you going to say when I go to yeti with a profane weapon that im not good enough cause im no longer lv50 hm6? what kinda logic is that I need time to rebuild from scratch and new players are in similar circumstances. possibly not with the same level of experience but still need to be able to farm to get $ and upgrade gear to get better.

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