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Every class wants to be the hardest to kill, or be the highest DPS.

Everyone Want to be the Highest DPS in Blade and Soul

Every class wants to be the hardest to kill, or be the highest DPS.

I don't understand the concept with this to be quite honest. 

I've never seen a destroyer denied a group because they are a destroyer. 

There is no mechanic in this game based on it's current content that would inspire this to happen either. 


I do believe that SSP needs reworking further to make it beneficial for melee classes all together, as right now, even with it's recent change, it doesn't seem to have done much good in improving that situation for melees. (as a FM, I have the utmost sympathy for you, and I could only imagine what it's like)


Everyone Want to be the Highest DPS in Blade and Soul


That being said, beyond that one dungeon/ feature, I've not seen anything that should inspire this kind of thread about destroyer.


I value them on my team in both PVE and PVP, and it seems most people do as well (or at least, if not value, then definitely not disdain).


You aren't supposed to be the highest DPS class, as far as i know, it was never presented to be that either. 

You have an amazing ability to survive in both pvp and pve, which is a great asset to any team, especially if other classes are working together to make each member benefit from their class's existence in the team. 


I've read this thread up and down, I see many complaints, but nothing that seem of substance. Some classes (looking at you BMs lol) are a bit broken to say the least right now, but I don't think the solution is to break more classes to compensate for it. Destroyers hold their own and do plenty of damage and don't require baby sitting in pvp or pve, which means you're an asset rather than a liability. 


Now back to the topic of this conversation. 

The balance in this game is far from perfect (and in some cases down right broken), hence why balance patches are always on their way. 

Balance in multi-class games is one of the most difficult things to perfect (if it's even possible while still having diversity among the classes)

Some classes even as equally geared are going to out damage you, sorry to break it to you.


I also have issues with balance in my class too (like several other classes as well), but if my name doesn't pop up in the top 4 dpsers in a party or something, then it certainly doesn't mean i'm worthless or didn't contribute.


Again, this content is not hard at the moment, so don't fret just yet lol. 


I value destroyers on my teams, pve and pvp. 

I've never seen destroyers get kicked from any party because they were a destroyer.

So, the class can't even come close to being called "useless" in pve. 


Destroyer, if I'm not mistaken is supposed to be the "1 man army" style class in this game.  I don't see why it would be a party buffing support class.

It'd also be ridiculous to think it would have highest DPS, as that would just be extremely over powered given it's kit. 


We have another balance patch soon to release on our servers, let's see what how it effects things. 


My hope is that it'll bring us closer to balance among the classes, but until I see it's effects with my own eyes, I'll just keep my hopes up until then. 

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