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Hello there, I felt like making this guide for NA people who just started playing the game. As guy with 2 years of experience on KR I have to share this knowledge.

I felt like making this guide for NA people who just started playing blade and soul

To begin with I will tear apart wyrm mechanics and playing style and explain it step by step:


1.DPS Tips:

*Stay away from the tank. (obviously you want to stick with wyrm tail as most of his attack are either frontal or mid to long range, depending on how close the tank is to him).


*Sitting on the tail allows you to only need to dodge the large ROAR. (again tail is where you want to be).


*The ROAR can be dodged by every class with a simple SS (which will knock you down and require an F roll to get out of, but this is not as critical for DPS as it is for the Tank).


*Do not try to SS when seeing the ROAR's ground animation. Instead, count either/and the stomp and poison cones. After the second poison cone count to 2 in your head and SS. (roughly 2 skills) ((you can also count to 3 sec after stomp and poison cones if you use skills like destroyer fury)).



**SUMMONERS: Please do not spec into having your cat tank. If you've spent points on it, remove them before joining the fray. A cat can and will instantly gain full hate on wyrm and completely interrupt the delicate tanking rotation setup by your KFM or BM. (DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT SUMMON AT ALL, YOU CAN HAVE YOU'R CANT ONLY IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'R DOING!).

**Please avoid using roots in your build. I know this can be difficult especially for Force Masters, but allow me to explain. Roots are OKAY when the tank has solid hate. wyrm in this scenario doesn't need to turn to target the tank with its skills. If the tank happens to go down (which is possible), wyrm will attempt to target the next person on its internal hate and spin around. If wyrm's can't target the current tank with particular skills (because he must spin to target the next tank) the delicate rotation wyrm does changes unpredictably (due to internal skill cooldowns and the like) and becomes incredibly hard to pick up for the original tank. (DO NOT EVER USE ROOTS IF THE GUY WHO TANK IT IS WITH A MONTH OF PLAYING OR SO, HE WILL HAVE TROUBLE RETAIN WYRM AGGRO, IF NOT POSSIBLE AFTER FIRST DEATH. ALSO YOU RISKING RANGED AOE ATTACKS TO HIT ALL PEOPLE NEAR YOU!).


**Wait for at least anywhere between 2 and 4 roars before jumping the boss with boatloads of damage. On the same coin, please avoid using any hate generating skills as a DPS regularly. Finally, if the tank goes down, and he is able to pick the boss back up, hold dps for a few moments before attempting for high damage again. The last thing you want is to be a pseudo tank-cat by stealing hate. (TANK ALWAYS GOES FIRST AND YOU CAN JOIN AFTER 30 SECONDS, NO LESS.... WHO EVER DONT FOLLOW THIS RULE SHOULDNT BE ALLOWED TO DO WYRM!)


**If the other faction has claim on the dragon. Take OFF your faction costume before going to fight the dragon. Accidentally hitting people of the opposite faction is both incredibly disruptive and incredibly annoying. I believe that a box can still drop for you, but the difference is the daily quest from your faction leaders will not be completed ( DEPENDS ON YOUR FACTION STRENGHT, YOU CAN EITHER DO THIS, OR OVERTAKE WYRM FOR YOURSELF ((WHICH MEANS YOU HAVE TO HAVE ANOTHER GROUP TO KEEP ENEMY FACTION IN THEIR CAMP)) ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU FIGHTING WYRM CLOSE THE POSSIBLE TO YOUR FACTION TENT!).



***Scenario 1.:  You are a solo person ready to take on the world. You somehow got into the channel the opposite faction was flooding into usually by coincidence (logging back into the game, or just hopping channels in search of an objective you couldn't find on another channel). You keep your costume on and head into the fray. You have 1 of 3 objectives.

1. *Finish your daily quest and kill 10 people*.

2. *Get credit on wyrm*.

3. *Be as disruptive as you can be*.


I'm tepid to say this, but if your daily quest is to kill 10 people, don't even try to go for one of those currently engaged in the fight. You'll likely lag out as much as everyone else there and more likely than not, if you aren't focused on the dragon, you will die to the dragon while trying to "kill prey". There's almost nothing more satisfying than getting ganked, and watching the ganker die to wyrm. Yes, I have had destroyers come and spin-to-win with flame right on top of me while I was tanking wyrm. Needless to say, they didn't live very long. For target selection, I may be biased, but again, stay away from the tank. You'll likely incur the wrath of most of the channel should you do that. If you only want to kill 10 people for your quest, and you want to do it during wyrm (world save you), I'd look for the people on the outside who need to heal up because they had a hard time dodging ROAR. You'll lag less, they'll be healing, profit. Just know, you'll still be kicking a hornets nest that can, and will spawn camp you. The platform is not safe to those who have pulls, so you may have been better off to do this while doing your other dailies or by crashing an insignia farming channel (which I am guilty of... it can be fun... before they focus you with 20 people because then you can no longer play the game #CCChain).


If you want to get credit on wyrm, take off the costume because this way, the opposite faction doesn't accidentally hit and kill you with their full dps rotations due to some sort of targeting error (or not).


Finally, if you want to be disruptive... keep in mind that it will be like licking a very angry hornets nest and is probably one of the fastest ways to become a quarantined player on the server. Speaking from my perspective, regardless of whether or not you're going for the quest or not, I have friends that the moment they see a red name while I'm tanking, will break from wyrm and make sure you don't have fun. I've said this already, but if you are a class with a pull, wall climbing up the tree, gliding over towards the platform to be in range of your pull, and pulling someone off of the platform makes spawn camping a very real way to deal with these people. At most, you'll be a pain in the side, but really... that's it even if you're with a small group. Seriously, I can't imagine what you may think you could accomplish other than having a few minutes of fun. But if that's your thing, just remember my warnings.


***Scenario 2.:  You get a small group of people onto an opposite faction wyrm channel. It's not out of the realm of possibility, but it may get increasingly harder to get your friends to the channel just to, without any reason or cause, be disruptive. With a small group or party, you may as well be a single person, so the comments on the goals above are the same.


Should you want to steal wyrm for your own faction from sometimes upwards of 60 people, the minimum requirement being that you have a reliable tank in your party, it would require killing all people there, resetting the dragon, turning the entire channel against you, and then living for the next 30 minutes while attempting to tank and kill wyrm yourselves (on a very likely full channel that can't receive any 'reinforcements'). It's not 'impossible' but it might as well be.


***Scenario 3.:  You somehow got word of a wyrm setup and attempt of the other faction (Spies?). You go with a very large group (it must be very early on so the channel is not full), and you decide to take the dragon for yourself. As a tank, the only thing this will make me do is bet against the foresight of bringing your own tanks, and encourage the faction to swap to another channel with wyrm, fill it up, and resume the process. It's not likely that the original channel was full or all that far on a kill attempt anyway. In the end, the opposing faction may be within a channel all by themselves (after advertising a war of sorts) looking to "steal" wyrm meandering around possibly without a tank, and your faction (which already has a tank looking to organize a kill) is free to build a kill on another channel as per normal with the ease of limiting disruption (because of channel restrictions).


4.Final Words:

****If tanking the boss, a summoner's cat may be a cancerous spawn from hell, but their heal can greatly improve your survivability. I highly suggest partying with 1 if not 2 before initiating the pull. (IF YOU WANT TO TANK WYRM WITH A PET, YOU NEED AT LEAST 3 SUMMONERS THAT KNOW WHAT THEY RE' DOING!).


****Learning how to tank, or watching a video on the rotation of wyrm will greatly help you to dodge at the very least the roar and succeed in the fight. (BY ALL MEANS GO AND WATCH VIDEOS ON HOW TO DO IT RIGHT. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT DO IT ON YOUR OWN WITHOUT PREVIOUSLY WATCHED ANYTHING, IF YOU DO THIS YOU ARE JUST A DAMN NOOB!).


****If playing a viable class, I encourage you to learn how to tank wyrm at one point or another. It's a fun time and tanks deserve some good respect from the rest of the community simply for how taxing the fight can be because of how long the fight can last regardless of which faction. ( BY VIABLE CLASS I MEANT DESTROYER, KFM, OR BM, AS VIABLE MEANS CLASSES THAT CAN BOTH TANK AND DPS.).



All right people always ask do their dps resets when they die and press 3 or 4.

The answer is NO.


You lose dps this way: After you die, you have 3 minutes to start dpsing again or your damage resets.


Dmg you need to do for loot is 900k (1% of his hp).

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