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Arbitrary Unable to trade items rule: Some weapons are, some weapons aren't, some items are, some items aren't, I haven't found a rhyme or reason to it, to be honest.

I'm loving Blade And Soul

I'll open by stating the truth, I'm damn hooked to this game, I've been playing it non-stop for the last weeks (as much as I can without it interfering with my job and social life and stuff), that being said, this game has A LOT of extremely rough edges, which kind of get in the way of me fully enjoying it and recommending it to my friends other than saying "it has a really good combat system", and thus I will consider the 50$ or so I've spent in this game as the purchase fee and not spend any more money on it unless some major upgrades and fixes are made.


Some of my main gripes with this games fall in the following examples.


-Bots: Crickety cricket bots, it's ridiculous how many of them there are. They are in the chat, in the field hogging the stupidly slowly respawning mining spots, and lately they have been going into the dungeons and leeching off the parties actually doing the work.


-Questionable monetization methods: I get that you need to find ways to get a revenue, and I don't mind spending money in a game I enjoy, but with things like having to spend money in an account to do something as basic as to send a mail makes me cringe, the same goes for the upcoming "benefit" of buying an item that lets you send already bought outfits to another character in your same account.


-Optmization: Good lord this game is like 4 years old and my computer really has to bring out the big guns for me to play it at stable FPS...Unless there's a party around, in which cases, performance begin taking dips.


-Lack of benefits of account: Starting with the lack of account-shared bank, and being unable to send things to another character in your same account without having to buy an upcoming item for god knows how much. What is even the point of purchasing an alternate character slot if there's no benefit for it?


-Design: This is more of a personal opinion, but while the costumes begin on a high note, like the Jiangshi one, they begin becoming really repetitive, ending up in just oriental dresses alternating coloring patterns, which extends to the store-bought ones. The only one I've seen in the store and caught my attention was the latest Valentine one, and that's because I'm a pervert at heart.


-Bots: Again, jesus christ, deal with them already.


-Backwards party options: This is a baffling one, it's almost as if you grabbed a MMO party setup template and ripped it apart just for laughs. You can't votekick someone unless they're offline, which makes the bot issue an ever bigger problem, for some ungodly reason, changing the loot options can be done by the party leader at any time WITHOUT a party vote, which then becomes a problem with loot scammers changing the loot option at the last second before killing the boss (RIP that Merry Potters secret in my run).


-Arbitrary "Unable to trade" items rule: Some weapons are, some weapons aren't, some items are, some items aren't, I haven't found a rhyme or reason to it, to be honest.


- Steep and sudden progression walls: I'm not sure if this one is valid or just a personal gripe, but I for one was quite bummed down when I saw that my accesories went from needing some random items and some silvers, making the upgrade worth around 1g to needing 5 (!) moonwater stones, Naryu silvers and such, making the upgrade worth 30g, specially since before that, the costs had been gradual. I overcame this wall, but I don't know if I will put up with another ramp up of that nature.

-RNG: This one can't be dealt with since it's in the core of a MMO, which feeds my love-hate relationship with these games, but it didn't feel right to not whine about my pisspoor luck when it comes to RNG and real world dices.


I'm sure there are others I don't remember (like mentioning bots for a third time), but it's late and I think I covered my main gripes. So...Yeah, I'll continue joining the ranks of this game, but unless the game undergoes an extreme dolling up, I'll fight off my instinct to spend another dime on this game and hope to god I don't fail it. I'm mostly venting to be honest so...Thanks for your time!


That's the thing, I honestly have no idea who to direct this thread to, so I just leave it open.


What's even worse, since the people who would read this thread apparently can't exactly fix all these issues, and considering that the game is years old and has these flaws in such extremely basic areas, I fear that not much can be done and I'll continue playing until the next wall comes.


I forgot to put it on the main list but another light gripe was that you entered endgame without much warning, as you went from needing some silver and random items to upgrade your accesories to 5 (!) moonwater stones and I don't remember what else, what the hell? These things are supposed to grow in a steady manner, not go from needing 1 Blade And Soul Gold worth of items to 30.

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