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NCsoft has stated that a new class will be released in 2016, speculation leads to 3 potential candidates

I wanted to express my views on Blade and Soul Gunner Manifesto

Hello everyone, today I wanted to express my views on the gunner, one of the most requested classes (for a reason), and to an give my opinion on why such a class would fit in the world of Blade and Soul.

NCsoft has stated that a new class will be released in 2016, speculation leads to 3 potential candidates; a gun class, an archer class or a spear class. This is due to a statement that implied that it was one of the classes that was long awaited by the fans, and from what it seems, people want the three classes I listed earlier, so it is safe to assume that NCsoft/Team Bloodlust has taken these possibilities in consideration.

However this post is not about an archer class or a spear class, it's about the gunner.


Why would a gun class be acceptable and welcome in the world of BnS?


Well the world of BnS is not like Tera or Aion, where guns were out of place and you would not have expected a gun class to be introduced there in a million years, Blade and Soul's world has got plenty of guns, and the thing is, they don't take away anything from the setting, they don't feel out of place.

Many characters, major and minor, use guns, even one of the Eight Masters is a gun user and heads a school where gun training is treated as a "martial art".


"But using guns cannot be considered a "martial art" or anything coming close to it!"


Well because using your pet to do the work for you is considered a martial art? Because using magic is also considered a martial art? We know the classes, but they do not stop there, out of all of them (including the Soul Fighter) only two respect the traditional and stricter definition of "martial art", and those are the Kung Fu Master and the Soul Fighter. I understand it can be taken in a broader picture, and that COULD include the Blade Master/Dancer, but that is really stretching it. If these classes can exist in their current state and still be considered martial arts, then why can't a gun class (with a proper design) be considered, in the world of Blade and Soul, a martial art too?


"But the classes use chi and have an element of grace!"


Nothing says grace like a Destroyer or Blade Dancer spinning repeatedly and aimlessly, or a cat scratching people left and right! None of the classes have an element of grace in what they do, nor is it the objective of the MMO itself to have such an aspect in its gameplay.


In the same manner, classes like the aforementioned Destroyer, Blade Dancer/Master and Assassin would use chi just as much as a gun class would. If you want to question its validity, well then answer how the BMs and BDs can use Lightning/Fire/Wind in their attacks, when normally their class would have nothing to do with it, yet they still do and exist in the game. Honestly, you can see how a gun class can be made to do the same, without, at this point, much need for justification.


Let's address justification itself now:


Only two classes, as already stated, do not require any justification to be implemented. But that is 2 classes out of 9. All the others require disparate amounts of justification to be considered martial arts, and some of them I would not be able to consider martial arts at all, even more unbelievable than using a gun following a certain style.

In truth, if they all were to be considered "martial arts" even considering their world, none of these would need justification, yet most of the classes DO require justification, in varying degrees, so there is NO reason for a gun class to not exist. (Even because the whole game keeps saying that being a gunner can very well be considered a class of its own)


Final consideration:


Many people want a gun class to be introduced, I have met many who do, as well as myself (if you think it's bias it's fine) but I also saw they wanted other classes. Gunners are everywhere, one of the Eight Masters is a gunner, and they fit. If it's a matter of justification, well most of the classes require justification, some more than a gun class both in theirs and our world. If properly designed (which at this point considering classes like SMN, WL and FM exist it wouldn't be hard) it could very well find its place in the game, easily. There isn't ONLY one magic ranged class, there are three, so saying "it's hard to balance for PvP" as they did in the past is no longer an excuse.


Now, I understand that there are more pressing matters at hand than this, but everyone knows about them, including NCsoft, and they've been done to death. I wanted to bring up something different as well as making a statement, that there are people interested in a gun class, even here in the West. I wanted to make it known and say what I think about this matter, as it seems people have differing views which is fine, everyone can have their own opinion, but there are some things that can be argued against. I love this game, and I would like it to succeed, after all I've been interested in it ever since it was announced.




That while it is true that most of the decisions are taken in Korea, recently there have been some patch notes where you can see some basic "options" such as race/gender change that (this is speculation) seem to appeal to the western audience or came as a result of the west being interested in such features, rather than the Korean audience, considering the game has been out for years, these changes would have been implemented before now if there was any demand in Korea or other nearby regions.

So I don't think trying to to show interest in this is for naught, if anything it will let NCsoft west know that we too would like such a class, since the Koreans too wanted those classes.


Regarding the updates though, it's clear NCsoft is trying to push content out fast so that NA and EU can participate in the tournaments, as the patches have come out quickly and steadily, so we will see what happens. For now I just want to make sure that this voice is present.


Thank you for your attention.

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