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I basically stopped giving NCSOFT money. As a company, NCSOFT should care why someone who was paying suddenly stops

I will not give a dollar to NCSOFT

I used to love giving NCSOFT my money. I was only too happy to buy outfits, treasure trove keys, etc etc. I paid $125 when it was closed beta. I paid for the 1 year premium on top of that. I just wanted to make it rain on the company for bringing me such an awesome game. And now... I did not spend to even unlock the slots for this last treasure trove. I basically stopped giving NCSOFT money. As a company, NCSOFT should care why someone who was paying suddenly stops and that is why I started this post - as a place to leave them feedback if all of a sudden you decided your money was better spent elsewhere. Here are my reasons:


I will not give a dollar to NCSOFT


1) Summoner hate - people still complain about them despite being nerfed to hell. I get it. Many of you hate fighting two things at once, but the whole "scummoner" line has gotten really old, especially considering how many jobs now stomp all over us. I never cared about being top dps or anything like that. I picked summoner because I love cats. However, seeing my cat get declawed and my damage reduced is demoralizing, especially when I find that in arena I cannot 100-to-0 anyone, but lots of other jobs can. A summoner is not allowed any mistakes against a Blademaster or they instantly lose. Which brings me to...


2) Game balance issues - Blademaster really did need a buff because they were pretty terrible in arena before. However, now you made the tankiest job also top dps. All a blademaster has to do to win in arena is do the pull (which goes through our dandelion counter) and then proceed to 100-to-0 through a stun that lasts way too long. The time our cat is on top was nerfed, but I see blademasters now have a very long stun that allows them to instant win. KFMs can do the same thing by the way. Having jobs that can instantly win if the opponent makes just one mistake is ridiculous


3) Weapon skins - you keep trying to sell me weapon skins, but the way you switch weapon appearance is extremely inconvenient. It should be as easy as the rest of the outfit. We should have an armory similar to the wardrobe. I plan on never buying a weapon skin because of the way you current have it set up.


4) Pay-to-win - you were always pay for convenience, but that new Hongmoon energy stage 10 argues otherwise. I would have been fine if you had released stage 6 to allow us time to get used to it, but no, you released stage 10 and people got it day 1. 450 extra AP for 6 seconds on hit. Wow, way to destroy all pvp content for anyone without this energy. Despite my financial contributions to this game, I suddenly feel useless thanks to that item being in the game. I have the real life resources to get it, but I would feel crazy to spend that much money just to lord my power over the less fortunate. Battlefield and tower of infinity ranking seem pointless now. And then there's faction...


5) Old Man Cho RIP - you destroyed my crimson paradise by merging it with the largest cerulean troll server, Mushin. I played on Mushin in closed beta and I went to Old Man Cho precisely to AVOID Mushin. And what do you do? You obliterated crimson faction with your thoughtless merge. I wish you had locked everyone into their faction permanently before merge, but too late now.


6) Expected to know dungeon mechanics day 1 - not really NCSOFT's fault, but because this game has been out longer in other regions, people expect you to watch a video ahead of time and basically ruin any sense of wonder and discovery that should come with a new dungeon. Also, people use information gained from other region servers to have an unfair advantage in this one. Guess this will be fixed once all regions are on the same page.


7) Grindy, repetitive, boring, laggy content - I'm looking at you midnight ssp. I do not know who thought that having to spawn the same boss 6 times over would be fun, but it is not. It is also not fun when the raid slows my FPS to 1. Reminds me of Blackwyrm back when crimson could actually do it. 


8) Game crashes - BnS is the most unstable game I have ever played. Back in the day, I would crash 30 times a day. I feel fortunate that now it is only about 3 times a day. I know I am not alone because I have read on many forums people complaining that this game is highly unstable even on their brand new gaming supercomputer. 


9) Lack of reward once you get to premium rank 10. It was kind of nice seeing my VIP rank level up every time I spent money. Now spending money feels meh, if not downright annoying thanks to that bug that makes the game think I am back to rank 1 and forces me to log out and relog back in.


10) Lack of housing, clan bases, and lack of additional cat grooming options - adding any of those would definitely get my attention.


I might have more reasons, but I will start there because I don't want this to be too too long. I really did love this game, honestly. This is why I am posting this. Despite my reasons for not wanting to spend money anymore on this game 

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