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Human Blade Dancer, ani cancel Draw Stance with 60% hp gone and if you dare to TAB it you get grabbed and you are as good as dead. This is pretty retarded but they can be killed.

Journey of a 2000 plat sin to new blade and soul gold

Let's start with, NCSoft is incapable of making a good game AND programming. Game is badly optimized, I have better fps (45-50) in Witcher 3 on medium settings with NO stutters than here with all low. Other than story and PvE, nothing is good with this game. PvP was fun last season, when bots were easy and showed who can play and who can not. At 1700-1800 it was all sins obviously, because those Destro bots were tasty and easy as as cricket. Long story short, it's an awesome design, but the shittiest work ever.


So, I hopped on my Sin to get at least those 30 soulstones for my main KFM.


First 5 games, ez pz, didn't even lose 10% hp. Then it happened. Destro bot. Pff, easy right? Popped Fury in first second, easy kill. Fury ended. He switched it on again? Wtf? Okay, I heard about those bots last season, but I should be able to stack poison and wait it out? Nah. Typhoon+Fury+endless Ram with Immunity. 2:1, lost.


Next match, second bot. No CD hacks? Okay, EZ then, right? Well, NO. Body Kick and 3 (forgot the name) on every single skill aaaaaaaand, wait for it! JUDGEMENT THAT HITS FROM 30 METERS XDDD He literally stood in place and hit me with Judgement to get me out of stealth. He didn't even spin. Spin? Oh, let's move on to the third type of Destro bots.


Third type. Spin-1ms-reaction-time-can't-do-shit-to-me. We all know that type. Spins as soon as you are close and ani cancels in Fury. Not as annoying, ez pz. Can be a pain, you can lose a round or two because of their 1ms reaction time but can be beaten.


15-4, 1598 rating. Just one more match, right? Scummoner. That class for hairy big fat men that like playing little girls and socially awkward otakus that watch incest 12 year old hentai. Okay, Scum spec, PvE it to death, right? Nope. No-CD-permastealth-to-res-cat-Scummoner.


Few matches more, met one normal person, beat the crap out of him. Aaand 3 CHEATING DIFFERENT SCUMMONERS IN A ROW. One was... flying. YEAH, THEY STILL HAVEN'T FIGURED IT OUT. At 17-10 now. Funny, because on my KFM and 3 alts (BM, BD, Destro) I got to blade and soul gold with 10-0 scores each. Bots were just PATHETIC, there were more players, as every PvPer wanted to quickly come back to their rank. Getting this 10-0 was pretty satisfying, 3-4 matches were against really good players.


24 hours later bots have ALL the cheats you could imagine. They effed something up in update and it took 24 hours to get EVEN BETTER hacks with EVEN MORE exploits. This "maitenance" should be called "DOWNdate"...


Okay, back to pvp. KFM. THANK YOU LORD. Easiest class to play against. Too bad noone told me KFM got a buff and can use Fighting Spirit all the time and Daze Flurry your ass every 3 seconds... Next match, BM. Okay, THIS should be easy. No ani cancel and combo you can't dodge unless you are russian shinigami with a macro you eff up on stream. Yeah, shots fired. A didn't he get banned like 3 weeks ago by the way? w/e, it wasn't him anyway. BMs have this skill. Lunar Slash. Daze and 45 sec cooldown, can use Daze-less Lunar Slash while DazeLunar Slash is on cooldown I believe with all stealthing I did and his counter its cooldown is like 3 seconds? Daze every 3 seconds? Wait, it shouldn't have Daze after using it for 45 seconds, right?


Human Blade Dancer, ani cancel Draw Stance with 60% hp gone and if you dare to TAB it you get grabbed and you are as good as dead. This is pretty retarded but they can be killed. 1590 rating. Never thought I'll be so glad to be close to freaking Blade And Soul GOLD. 1590.

Warlock. This is the next shitty class that requires no skill to use (and gets punished hard for it, unlike summoner) and has insane damage and survivability if played correctly. I wouldn't complain about them if not for the fact you have to literally PvE them and some of their skills are un-decoy-able. All classes that require you to PvE them like Waido or Kit Chul are just badly designed. They are easy anyway, unless you get hit by their dragons. Well, 2-0 and 1602. This is the end. I won't even try to do 1v1 dailies for a week or two hoping no CD bots get to high bns gold.


Now to sum it all up. By UPdating the game they opened EVEN MORE ways for botters to cheat, fly, screw CDs of skills and teleport. If they can't fix something this simple, this game WILL be dead. Soon. Like ArcheAge. Is everything client side in this game? For christ's sake. Login servers are in NA, there are insane lags in arena (maybe it's the reason for 30m Judgement? Do those bots live in NCSoft servers though?). I wouldn't be surprised if cross server was also in NA. I don't have any lags while doing bsh24 or poh24. When I got to Poh4 and BSH4 on Cross Server however...


Lunar Slash Daze is 45 sec cooldown. Fury is 45 sec cooldown. Typhoon is one minute cooldown if interrupted with other skills. Flurry is 45 cooldown.

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