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They're traditional even. Some may argue that they don't fall in line with the martial art style of Blade & Soul but then again neither would axe wielding destroyers or summoners or fireball slinging Focus Masters

Player homes should have access to the necessities of Blade & Soul

So going through a lot of posts lately and see a lot of great ideas. I'd like to expand/clarify them in a single post, also add other great ideas that are given to me here.


Clan Dojo!

A Clan Dojo is basically a themed guild base. These Dojo's will be decked out with training dummies, and of course an area for people to spar. If you haven't gotten into Blade And Soul combat, this is going to be important. A lot of people can make use of trying out new skills and combos to max their efficiency in pvp.


The Dojo will have access to purchasable decor, like bonsai plants, banners, cool suits of armor, etc etc. The size of the Dojo itself can increase either based off Clan Size, Funding (donations n stuff), or an EXP share (like, kill something for 100 exp, 10 exp is shared with clan for clan level). This way guilds are motivated to work together and be proactive to further benefit the guild.


Dojo vs Dojo can also happen. One clan's Dojo can challenge another clan's Dojo for clan rankings and the right to fly the losing team's flag within the winning teams Dojo. Dojo vs Dojo can take place in either Dojo, and be a variety of PvP events such as a 1v1 (leader vs leader style), Team vs Team, or a series of 1v1's (like 5 people vs 5 people but they line up and fight 1 right after the other). These Clan's who further themselves in Dojo's can earn trophies and titles and championship outfits even.


Player owned Housing (PoH)


Things like this have proven huge in other games. They are fun and engaging and people LOVE to get personal with their in game life. Allow certain areas in the game to host "Housing" segments where a player can talk to a housing broker and purchase some land, or Permit's through the Cash Shop. They can then teleport to and start building.


Players with land can now gather resources to create their own place, or again buy housing parts via Hongmoon store, and create their ideal home. Player homes should have access to the necessities of Blade & Soul.


Players should be able to create an "Address" for their home, which given to other players can be used for them to visit that person's home as well. Also those who are great friends, should have the option to become "neighbors" which would place their houses right next to each other so they can freely walk between.


Marriage & Weddings!


Lets face it, love blooms wherever it decides. Who are we to say a loving Gon and Lyn should not be allowed to wed? Marriage can allow a man and woman in game to marry via Marriage Packs and host a wedding for all their friends to attend.


Marriage can give the benefit of making it vary clear that the two are married with title's like "Bill's Wife" or "Tanesha's Husband" as well as wedding gown outfits for the lovely couple to wear. The marriage system can also have the added benefit of giving one another full access (except for personal storage) to each other's PoH. (of course with restrictions. Don't want someone tearing another's house down cause they didn't text back in time).


More Classes!


I've seen people ask for both Rangers and Healer classes. In 9 out of 10 fantasy mmorpg's they have both these things. They're traditional even. Some may argue that they don't fall in line with the martial art style of Blade & Soul but then again neither would axe wielding destroyers or summoners or fireball slinging Focus Masters. If anything, a Ranger class would fit perfectly within a martial arts themed game as they also wield knives and do know martial arts. Real ones I mean. Yeah look it up.


A healer class is also a great idea. There's a whole lot of people out there who take pride in a support role. Healing, shielding, buffing, and just keeping people alive. Fact is, without this role as a thing, Blade And Soul has to limit the difficulty of it's game drastically or no one would survive a fight without a support. So a healer role could unlock a vast potential in terms of bossing.


Stop With Pointless Roadblocks


Keys? Unsealing Charms? Constant need to repair equipment? All of these things are incredibly annoying and pointless. Why force players to deal with these annoyances when the idea of a game is to HAVE FUN.


Drop the keys, drop the charms, drop the weapon repairing. People short on keys or charms do not want to have to pick and chose what loot they actually obtain, people deep into a dungeon or questing don't want to have to return to fix equipment, so stop making this a thing in games, please.


Faction Revamp


This is a personal wish... I believe factions completely undermine clans. Do we want open world pvp? Sure, some people. Do we need factions outfits to do it? No. I get the need to equip some faction related outfits to fight certain guards for quests or whatever, but why force us to take off and on the crummy Crimson or Cerulean outfits to do it? Also, by forcing people to choose a Crimson or Cerulean faction from the get go, you're basically putting them in a guild already and then who cares about the already in place guild feature, right?


Revamp factions, create a more in depth reason to choose Red or Blue. Let Clan's decide who their clan supports. A clan can swear allegiance to a Faction which is backed by a King from here, or a Queen from there.


Allow factions to also have bases. A red keep and a blue keep, where Weekly, Red vs Blue show up to throw down in a colossal war. The winner of the faction battle earns a weekly buff and bragging rights. Say Red wins, their king can decide on a buff of EXP boost, Blade & Soul gold boost, drop chance increase, or whatever tickles their fancy for their Faction.


Faction Leaders via election!


Now with a more in depth faction, why not elect those said King and Queen to rule the faction. Elections can take place monthly ( or shorter depending on circumstance ). These Leaders can wear fancy Red or Blue royal duds as well, showing their status as supreme Monarch within their ranks. Also hey, might as well give them a title and unique font to show off that they are loved.

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