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I lost to them few times in arena as summoner. They too overpowered. I pvp only 10 times on my characters but these classes need nerf

Please nerf KFMs and Destros and SFs

I lost to them few times in arena as summoner. They too overpowered. I pvp only 10 times on my characters but these classes need nerf because cannot beat and there are 3 destros in top 10 1vs1 ranking.


1vs1 is pretty much showing the skill play of the players. There are in EU atm equal amount of destros and summoners in top 10 so just because 1-2 classes have more than 1 char in top 10 doesn't mean it's too overpowered. May people who complain summoners are too overpowered base their arguments on their own experience. In my ironic "complaint" you can see that I based the nerf requirements on my own flaws and inexperience in pvp. How many hours do you think the summoners and other classes at top 10 or even in top 50 spent in pvp?


Please nerf KFMs and Destros and SFs


3vs3: It's all about the team. Hell I have gotten wrecked 100-0 by KFM and Destro by getting full stun combo in 5 seconds (yes I got wrecked in 5 seconds from 100 % to 0) while sometimes I did 1vs3 on my summy. I am super inexperienced in pvp so the loss I blame on myself while the win I would say the other players were worse than me (or the fact they were 2 BD and 1 FM which both I had played ALOT so I knew them).


6vs6: Summoners are easy in teamplay, people don't know properly how to counter them nor how their skills work because most of the time no one wants to try out summoners as they disgust them (lyn or just the fact it's a scummoner). Also there is alot of abusing so the top 50 is complete utter lying BS.


Infinity tower: What can I say. Summoner npcs in Tower are like summoners on crack buffed to 100 times (especially when you get above floor 30) but yet again summoners are easy to play in pve (even when this is partial pvp as the NPCs aren't so stupid to focus on cat's taunt) so they can advance higher. People play them since they are easy for solo and party plays and they don't even really require any HM skills to be decend in pvp and pve.


I though understand the frustration as I have rarely beaten summoner as a BD or any other class and also I get sometimes my bum whooped by another summoner while I play my summoner but they are definitely not that overpowered in pvp as many people assume. For most of the people the game is still new and pvping a summoner is not a brainless key smashing spree but actual tactical and well thought match.


Summoners can resist with True Friend for 5 seconds or for 5 hits, not 3. This means that if you do 5 hits in 1 second the resist wears off. If not then it'll last for 5 seconds and the CD for that is actually 45 seconds and it heals only 5 %. Another skills to heal is the new Huzzah that recovers 10 % every 30 seconds. Doom n Bloom still recovers HP but only 50 % of the damage. There is one more skill that can heal but usually it's bad one to use in pvp as it removes the only cc of summies that they can do without the cat. Petal storm lasts for 10 seconds and heals 2 % for every resists so if you are ranged never ever hit summoner when they have petal storm up.

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