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Free server transfers from lower pop Crimson dominated servers for Crimsons only thereby actually balancing the factions

Share a couple of issues I've noticed with the BNS recently

1. Faction imbalance- I play on Taywong (Cerulean) and the faction imbalance is terrible( I also realize some of the higher population servers have it much worse). My clan has even gone so far as to even tank Blackwyrm out of uniform for the Crimson in order to help them out, however in SSP we have no way to do this since the center mobs at the start of the battle are untargetable out of faction uniform. Something desperately needs to be done about this issue as it gets really boring winning all the time. Also it makes getting the defence badges impossible. Potential solution would include:

Free server transfers from lower pop Crimson dominated servers for Crimsons only thereby actually balancing the factions (This would need to include an option to transfer clans so that they would not lose progress in leveling their clan). 


A SSP channel (or any OWPVP area) that is only accessible to the low population on the server( I realize this would eliminate the OWPVP element but what difference is this from a full channel farming wins?)


The ability to trade multiple offence badges for the defence one. Thinking somewhere around a 3:1- 5:1 ratio.


Dedicated defence channels. A channel that starts during the mining phase and closes right after the final battle phase (closing would be announced with enough time to turn in prestige at the end of which the players there would moved automatically to another channel).


2. Random Dc's and or crashes. Dcing or having the game crash after spending the time to farm up  300+ prestige or 2 out of 3 Balrock kills sucks (especially as a melee class). Adding in some kind of smart protection for this would be amazing. I realize this could be taken advantage of by someone power cycling or pulling the cable however that is nothing compared to rage one feels when running back up the hill or moving to a safe spot on the hill  with 300+ prestige in SSP cause it's a terror phase or you want to heal up only to have the game close out of nowhere wasting the last 30 minutes to an hour.


3. P2W Why are all the supply materials only available with NCoin? This includes the clan crafting items, emblems, gem hammers and other items. Please make them available for purchase with hongmoon coins as well.


4. Items purchased in stacks from the in game store can only be claimed in entire stacks. Why can't I buy a stack of 23 bags and take a few out for each of my alts? 


5. Catch up mechanics. Aside from the alternate weapon path, which will only really help when leveling alts or new players later in the game when no one is farming for siren/pirate weapons, there are no real catch up mechanics in place.  If we are expected to compete with other region in the upcoming world tournament how are we suppose to grind out the hongmoon levels without grinding experience mindlessly for hours upon end? This will especially come into play when the Soul Fighter class is released. A potential fix would be a weekend buff that provides a bonus to Hongmoon level xp and/or more sources for venom darts.  This buff would be stronger than the soups but wouldn't stack with it. 


6. Daily Dash  This is a minor one, however with the boards that that just end couldn't a smaller board that loops around be added? This really sucks when you finish a board over 2 weeks early.


7. Server forums could we please get a dedicated forum for server communication. Essentially copy paste the code for the clan recruitment forums and change the forum name.


8. Hide friendly characters option. Why do we only get the option to hide all characters? When killing bosses in SSP and during Blackwyrm (almost) everyone has to disable player characters in order to achieve a decent frame in order to avoid mechanics. This option provides an unfair advantage to the opposing faction members by esentially providing them with a form of stealth. 


That's all I can think of for the moment I know there couple of minor issues that I can't think of currently.


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