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"Des never being able to die" the class with the least iframes and that doesnt even bring party iframes.

Stop boosting BD in Blade & Soul

"Des never being able to die" the class with the least iframes and that doesnt even bring party iframes. This is such a useless class for pve (besides the grab which is covered by BD).

"FM dps is strong enough"

Yes FM dps is good as is and BD dps is good as is since BD can also do all CCs + grab for party and HM block being more useful in the end. So it's ok that BD outscale only with elemental. Warlocks also profit from white weap + badge and FMs also profit from elemental same as other classes.


Stop boosting BD in Blade & Soul



FM is rly shit in PvP right now, kinda like Des.

Still FM>Des

Des weakness is stalling and Des can only K.O with Blue Buff so most ppl will escape and try to stall till they can find a way to kill des.

FM has 2 Stun escapes so Des is kinda Weak vs FM.


So BD is a class known for hit n run since it needs it's skills to come back of CD. If you watch empathy and brother bill you'll know what I mean.

You say BD is crap vs FM? Yeah a BD that doesn't put pressure up and doesn't follow the wait for CDs and run will not go further than gold rank and also die to my FM since I can penetrate Spin. But half the BDs I had can stall a lot, pressure with C and double aircombo + stall for CDs when my Veil is down.


Projectile Shields:

FM, Sin, BM, Summ


So FM can grab sin and summ out of it.. but what bothers me is that summ has Sunflower (a ranged projectile Skill 2x16 that doesn't count as projectile) and this skill counts to main dps rotation.


To summ it up there are 2 classes even a good FM can't win against when at same skillcap=

Summoner and BM.

So what did I miss out? Warlock, yea most of them around silver are easily farmed and take all freeze dmg to the face. Warlock vs FM can be kinda interesting but in the end the match favours the Warlock (which can have insane quadruple aircombo btw).


So what's left for a poor FM (kfm main once) like me:

Wins vs:

Bad Summ, mediocre KFMs, mediocre BDs, good Des, mediocre WL, rly Bad BMs, mediocre SF (forgot this one, same as BD very mobile CD stall),mediocre-good FMs.


If you rly think this isn't true you'll get a pic of Class ranking comparison it's disgusting.

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