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So, the world of Blade and Soul consists of three major realms the Earthen Realm (you are here), the Dark Realm (basically, the realm of demons) and the Divine Realm (where divine beings, gods or enlightened beings are, not quite sure about that part).

The story of Blade and Soul

I am a lore nerd and enjoy exploring it in a lot of games. So, here come SPOILERS (those who don't like it, beat it!) of my version as I understand it.


So, the world of Blade and Soul consists of three major realms the Earthen Realm, the Dark Realm (basically, the realm of demons) and the Divine Realm (where divine beings, gods or enlightened beings are, not quite sure about that part). Now, Chi is an energy which permeates the Earthen Realm and is ever-present in this land. The Divine Realm has its Divine Chi which I will come to later and why it's so important. The Dark Realm has Dark Chi which corrupts the normal Chi and is diametrically opposed to Chi.

Now, the Naryu civilization ruled the Earthen Realm in the past, with its mighty architecture and knowledge. They ruled over the whole known (and unknown) world. They relied heavily on Soulstones, the same thing Warring Factions are fighting over and the same thing you use for your equipment upgrade. The thing is, Soulstones have a high amount of Chi and are somehow connected to the Earth. Nary civilization was proud and greedy so they were mining more and more Soulstones what eventually drew the attention of the Dark Realm (this reminds me a lot of Warcraft lore) and the Dark Realm invaded the Earthen Realm because Dark Lord has basically nothing to do but invade other Realms. This big war happened on the spot where now Scorching Sands lie.

During that time, the Divine Realm took pity on the Earthen Realm and blessed four individuals with Divine Chi (so, normal Chi is all but powerless against the Dark Chi, except when you have strong Chi, strong willpower and have walked the path of Enlightenment to purge yourself of it. On the other hand, Divine Chi is all-powerful Chi which cannot be beaten neither by Chi nor by Dark Chi) which made those four individuals (later known as the Four Guardians) very powerful, defy death and super effective against the forces of Darkness. They were also bestowed by a weapon, the Twilights Edge, which is said to be most powerful of all weapons ever created (very important later).

The Four Guardians were powerful martial artist, Mushin the Divine Fist (KFM, *cricket* son of Nryu king), Jiwan the Righteous Blade (BM), Iksanun the Realmwalker (I'd guess he's kind of a Summoner or FM) and Hong Sokyun the Earthbreaker (he is the most powerful of them all and embodies all martial arts). Now, they fought the Darkness successfully but they couldn't beat it completely, not while the gate to the Dark Realm was open. In the moment of hopelessness, Mushin sacrificed himself so that his comrades could close the gate. And that plan succeeded, albeit under great sacrifice.


This spelled the end of Naryu civilization and the formation of Scorching Sands. In its stead, a new empire was formed form its ashes on the Southern Continent. It's the Stratus Empire. Now, they were special because they have learned to perform the Divine Mandate ritual which opens the gate to Divine Realm and this act blesses individual with divine right to rule, meaning the family is forever blessed by Divine Realm and should rule. The Stratus Empire was over the years well on its way of reaching the same status as Naryu Empire and they were unchallenged as nobody but them knew the secret to Divine Mandate Ritual. And probably for the best, because the Divine Mandate Ritual is extremely sensitive. It not only opens a gate to the Divine Realm but can also open the Dark Gate. The Divine Mandate Ritual, as you can find in-game, requires a lot of Soulstones (figures), a catalyst to direct the ritual, a divine blood and a host to be filled by divine power, a host who would then bless the family or person with the divine chi and the right to rule. But if the gate is opened on the bad side, the host will become to the Dark Lord who will through it wreak havoc upon the Earthen Realm.


Now, the Stratus Empire faced a lot of internal conflict in the family, because it was too big and eventually it crumbled upon itself when the emperor father died and left the southern throne (where the capital is) to his youngest son. Now the son in the Eastern Continent grew jealous and fell prey to demons (Yura) who made him perform the Divine Mandate Ritual. However, as he didn't know anything about it, he didn't have the host nor the catalyst (the Twilight's Edge). The ritual went haywire and the gate swung open towards the Dark Realm. This disaster became known as the disaster of Highland Central (nowadays it's known as Highland Necropolis). That happened some 30 years prior to BnS events. There we find out that Mushin managed to survive in the Dark Realm and returned back home, although the circumstance on how he managed to survive were unknown.


This becomes clear later on, in the Mushin's Tower andthe Peak of Jiwan. For now, suffice it to say that during that catastrophe, we find out about Jinsoyun. She was a girl, very ordinary girl until that moment, when all this Dark Chi left her corrupted. Now, Jiwan took pity upon her and bestowed upon her a part of her own Chi to suppress the Dark Chi which would eventually turn her into a Fiend. Years later, she would also come to know Yunsang, the leader of Lumang and there we find out that she is struggling with her emotions, much like we are on our character and ofc, the Dark Chi feeds on it.


Unknown period of time has passed and we finally see why Mushin survived in the Dark Realm. He wasn't pure of heart as we all initially thought. He was prideful and envious because he was a *cricket* son and in no way an heir to Naryu Empire (not that it would matter anyway, eh?). In fact, he strived to become the Guardian only to prove everyone that he is not just a *cricket* son but something more. The Darkness took advantage of this pride and corrupted him beyond measure. He wanted now even more power and it lay in the Twilight's Edge, which was in possession of Jiwan. He staged a coup on Jiwan and managed to beat her easily. However Jinsoyun was there and she saw everything. He attacked her before she could reason with the rest of Guardians, then Jiwan interfered and was finished by Mushin, while Jinsoyun was convicted of treason in the eyes of Guardians and fell from the peak, very much like you do in the beginning. She was then consumed by thoughts of revenge and the Dark Chi in her grew and took over. Having lost faith in the world, she became the agent of Dark Lord, swearing to get revenge on all Guardians and that's basically how the story starts. She wants this world to end and started off with Master Hong.


As for the rest of world, after the incident in Higland Central, the Stratus Empire completely crumbles and looses its authority over eastern Continent due to Junma Khan's rebellion. Basically, Stratus became too weak (as I am sure you could see in the Cinderlands, a bunch of no good hypocrites looking only after their asses) and the Talus arose from that.


Interesting enough, you wind up on exact the same path as Jinsoyun, what adds up even more to the beauty of this arc's ending. And I think she is aware of it. She is there, this whole time taunting you to get better to grow that hate inside you, ultimately hoping that you would stop her but that she would win. She would win by showing you that you are the same as everyone else, when killing her for the sake of revenge. However, you are shown mercy by the Eight Masters (an act which makes me sad that they didn't get more story coverage in the game) and you decide that you should show the exact same mercy to Jinsoyun, even though you would rather kill her. In the end she looses everything and sees the error of her ways, an act which earns her a place in Divine Realm or back on Earthen Realm as a child.


Now I don't know how the story continues as I have heard that a certain demon Julie becomes a new villain and I honestly don't care. This part made a huge impact on me and I can't wait to get to that part of the story on my own character. Now excuse me, I am going to watch that sacrifice scene and cry a bit just because I can't believe how beautifully done it was and how cathartic it was for me. Hope you got more insight into the story though.

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