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Toxic players always find ways to abuse system and about this way I haven't thought until just my last run.

To NCSoft: Remove the "Set bid" option in BnS

Toxic players always find ways to abuse system and about this way I haven't thought until just my last run.


I'm not gonna name any players or post screenshot, because I don't wanna get anymore strikes for fat/player shaming or whatever.


So my story goes like this:


I join little 4man group in x-server and go to do my run, right from the start I realized that leader is kinda a dick. There was a player from opposite faction and leader instead of removing theirs faction uniform and doing run normally, started killing that other player and talking crap about that other faction.


To NCSoft: Remove the "Set bid" option in BnS


Well up to that point I really didn't care and we just went with our run, but all problems started after one of our members left party and we recruited one player inside. Right after new member joined our leader asked him to leave, they had some bad relations or something, but that new member refused and rightly so, you can't make someone leave just because you don't like em.


So our leader was really butt hurt and instead of sucking it up used escape and just AFKed we while were killing boss 3 man. But what happened during fight was that our butt hurt leader used his "powers" and set bid to XXX amount and then passed leadership to previously joined new member, I guess so we would think that new member did that.


That XXX amount was way too big for standard drops, it would have been acceptable for drops such as ember/offal/sealed skin.


And it was shame because there was one good drop but set amount was too big for that.


So my point is that if you end up in a party with some toxic leader, he has a way to ruin whole run.


I know that master loot was removed due to abuse and so set bid option should be removed as well.

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