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Before I go into anything, I want to state that this is not a thread looking for sympathy.

Ummmh, I am going to quit the BnS

Before I go into anything, I want to state that this is not a thread looking for sympathy.


**You know how these threads go ... and I know how they do as well.** Let’s not devolve this into a pointless debate or flamewar. I will not respond where I see argument intentionally incited.


---To those that know me, this is a post from "Rena Tacnuidla" of Taywong.


---I am posting this on the forums purely because there is no official means for me to direct this to NCSoft.  Otherwise, should such a means have existed it would not be on the forums if NCSoft had a suggestion / feedback drop-box.


---I do not wish to bash the game, to argue over the validity of my reason for quitting the game (such as whether or not they only apply to me, or whether or not they are trivial / minor, caused by user-error, or otherwise), nor do I wish for people to convince me to remain in the game and to continue playing it. The sole purpose of this post is to express the reason that I’m leaving.. I do not wish to sway other players to leave the game, and I am intending this to be constructive in that leaving without telling the company WHY doesn’t help them whatsoever to rectify that reason for future players. (I don’t want NCSoft to have to ‘guess’ on this, eg to vote with my wallet and feet without stipulating a cause)


---If you believe that the only purpose for posting this kind of thread is a person “crying” / “QQ’ing”, and or do you not wish to read a long thread, then I suggest that you hit your browser’s back-button and move along. This is primarily directed at NCSoft, as NCSoft routinely states that the forums are the proper means of contacting them for feedback on the game.


That said, let’s get one thing out of the way:

--I love the game and have no problems ‘explicitly’ with the game, its mechanics, its story, nor its gameplay (be it in difficulty, PVP, farming of dungeons, or otherwise). Hell, I don’t even have a problem with the game’s RNG system and that is not my gripe.


^ These forms of complaints may have merit to people, yet they have no bearing on the reason that I ultimately quit.


So what’s my problem?


My beef is with the lack of addressing of bugs that are not just frustrating or annoying, yet some of which have actual mechanics and gameplay ramifications. The bugs that plague this game have been reported numerous times by many players as well (although of course never publicly acknowledged really) – regardless I am certain that they are well-known [especially in that friends have been told workarounds for them in contacting support – via the official channel].


What really bothers me, is that these are either reproducible or happen with such frequency that they shouldn’t be a problem for a developer to debug them or to test mock-fixes. ---Aka, there is no legitimate reason that these bugs have existed for so long, unless the devs have been instructed to not fix them. I grasped at straws thinking this through, and as a fellow programmer I simply do not perceive any other way that this can be the case that they go unresolved for such an extended period of time...


Ummmh, I am going to quit the BnS


=> In a large company structure developers work on what they are asked to. If bugs are not a priority, and are not assigned to people (aka, a task designated for a team to work on it), then they don’t get fixed.


Blade and Soul is riddled with numerous bugs, and I infact started counting up the number of occurrences of these bugs per day. (eg, what I deal with on a day to day basis) It’s actually remarkable when you start doing this how frequent that you realize they occur.


It should be noted that I have tested and attempted to rule out whether or not my hardware, OS, software, including connection is at all related here. I’ve used different machines, running different videocards (Geforce 970, Geforce 980 Ti, Radeon 5870, Radeon R9 Fury-X), have tested under three OS’s per machine (Windows 7, 8.1, 10), on a RAMDISK, SSD, & HDD, and have played the game over my individual DSL lines, Cellular, even at other physical locations (moving my machine) on different ISP’s, and through both socks proxies and OpenVPN via VPS’s (using different datacenters to alter routing). Needless to say, none of these issues are impacted by hardware, OS related, settings (game or OS settings), or drivers. They are also not AntiVirus related or caused by things such as D3D overlays (aka, RTSS – Riva Tuner Statistics Server – included with MSI Afterburner).



To focus this up and conclude it without writing an essay beyond what it currently is, I figure the best way that I can do that is to give a rundown of my typical day in B&S.


-Overworld quests: Twisted Grimhorn (including Kairam), Beastbog (including Baylee), Frostscale

-Mix of PVP, Tower of Infinity, or partial completion of heroics. => ‘Take a break before GHS’

-Restart Client

-GHS, Plogs, Ruins

-Restart Client

-Whatever is remaining up to a 40/40 quest completion limit (heroics, blues, PVP – whatever remains)



What does that entail over a play period of ~7-8 hours (all dailies)? Well primarily..

*12+ times => abrupt combat end (draw stance termination)

*2+ times => stuck in combat (SMN, WL, etc)

*Crash during GHS on CH1 [unless hide-players is active]

*Crash during Zaiwei Ruins [“unless client restarted”]


--virtually 100% chance on the final 1-2 mini-mobs before Ogong boss spawn, “or” either on Ogong or the Scorpion if Daily-Challenge]

--Probability in Zaiwei depends on population during GHS and plogs. Restarting the client on reaching ruins is mandatory if Daily Challenge is in effect in order to clear it successfully.


Often happens:

*Loot sync- Someone gets stuck with the shields in Sogun’s Lament, sometimes it happens in GHS too on killing mobs and picking up the loot.

=> This one is obviously class related in impact and hits melees most due to ani-cancel in close range…. It also appears to be latency related. [When I’m using netem for instance to simulate 250+ ms, I can cause this “100% of the time”]


-Sure, you can also just NOT ani-cancel when a mob is about to die.... However, this is a pretty major one based on how many people I see it hit. This honestly should’ve been addressed shortly after Sogun’s addition when it became very common-place.


*Ledges, lag-back, & jumps movement desync.

-If a person has high latency and jumps at the absolute edge of a platform, this pretty much always results in them lagging back and falling. Most people have learned to land at the start and jump by half way across a platform to stop this.


*In / out of combat client and server desync.

-The client sometimes perceives itself as out of combat when still in combat, where running does not work. Shift is hit, the client animations a dash, yet this is rejected by the server (lag-back). --very very common--


*Grip positioning incorrect sync. (from either BD or Destroyer)

– rectified after toggling CTRL + F off and on [client seemingly knows the actual location, so this would be a client-issue NOT a netcode issue]


*Mantis position incorrect sync. – GHS, also Beastbog after slide-back / distancing. (aka, have to target mid air to actually hit the mob)


*Performance leakage (FPS / performance drop) when accessing menus, especially on snowing maps such as Frostscale. [namely happens with repeated use of the AH system or transmutes]


^ Example, buying of Coralite, weapons, enhancing weapons (gambling the coralite) – Takes enough times doing it, yet eventually the game’s performance drops to a noticeable degree where instead of 80 fps you’re getting 50, then 30, then 20, then 15.. Game is at 100% load on a core during this time.

--Changing zones brings performance back up to normal / flushes whatever is chewing up the CPU cycles. (*anything that causes a load screen*)


*Friendslist not updated beyond player connection.

-Everyone knows this one, but it’s existed since day 1. Obviously it’s just an annoyance to not know what zone someone is in, or whether or not they’re actually online => seriously why hasn’t this been addressed yet? (It effects everyone)


Occasionally happens:

*Crash during Sogun’s Lament 1-2 seconds into the final boss. [Such as risking it without reloading the client after GHS, Plogs, Ruins (forgetting due to a pre-formed team) ]

*Party chat stops functioning on going through a zone wall (This one is connection related and seems to have to do with socket connect delay, hence why it effects Indonesian players more often)

*Failure to enter dungeon, stuck at ‘0 seconds’. It’s possible to cancel the entry through a player leaving party.

--This seems more frequent lately, yet happened back at the game’s launch too.


I’ll leave it at that ... there’s more that happens obviously, yet I don’t believe it’s necessary or fruitful to list more here per the point that I’m trying to make. It’s not a specific bug that I’m considering “game breaking”, even if the ones such as the combat-drop impact a job’s damage output – especially if it happens immediately after a player enters Draw.


I am simply not ok with playing a game (especially funding / paying for said game) in a state where I do not have confidence that issues will frankly ever be fixed, having existed for coming up on a year now.   --Like said, I have quit the game... I do not wish to be convinced to come back, however I hope that NCSoft can see the importance of actually addressing their long-standing issues with the client and the game’s netcode.


I’m not even talking optimization here, you guys need to look at the ‘bugs’ and see try to squash them. If fixes exist in other regions (some of the issues I know do not exist in the other regions – and I also know that our version is obviously an older codebase), then the fixes to those issues need to be made a priority to backport to the NA version.  The 64bit client for instance may ultimately mitigate the crashes following being in a crowded GHS.


Bottom-line though: It is not fun to encounter bugs every second of gameplay, and I finally tired of it.

--What pushed me over the edge is not that bugs exist, rather the loss of confidence that they will be addressed in any form of a timely manner.

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