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Similar to a Blade Master, Assassin skill availability is dependent on their stance: Stealth stance keeps the Assassin hidden from view, allowing them to deal massive amounts of damage on the unsuspecting

We focus Assassin Class week on a Blade & Soul class

Strike from the shadows in this week’s class overview.

In our ongoing series we focus every other week on a Blade & Soul class. This week the Assassin has emerged to stand revealed in our overview.


Check out our updated class page on the Assassin, where we’ve added some wallpapers, a class introductory video, and a page from the Hongmoon Secret Tome. You’ll want to join us on the official Blade & Soul Twitch channel December 3 at 10am PST to watch us play the Assassin, and also be sure to check out Twitch streamer MrHappy1227 on December 2 at 9am PST as he shows off his own take on the class.


The Assassin Overview


The Assassin is a complex class that excels when they have the freedom and time to set up their attack, and can be defined by their strategic approach to combat.


Calculating and precise, Assassins need to be in the right position and have the right skill chains set up in order to ensure their opponent doesn’t have the ability to respond to the Assassin’s lightning-quick attacks. Unlike other classes that can get away with fumbling through some clumsy skill applications and still do some damage, the Assassin’s movements and skills are fluid—as sharp as the dagger they wield—and can seamlessly move from attack to attack.


Assassins are masters of confusion and disorientation. Their typical opening move leaves their targets clutching their heads in bewilderment, as they’re inexplicably struck by an invisible force. If they’re alive long enough to regain their wits, it means the Assassin has graciously decided to hold off on their devastating follow-through, and chances are they’ve already disappeared again.


Similar to a Blade Master, Assassin skill availability is dependent on their stance: Stealth stance keeps the Assassin hidden from view, allowing them to deal massive amounts of damage on the unsuspecting. Decoy Stance provides a versatile toolkit for the Assassin, including bombs and other abilities that stun, daze and knock down, as well as their Counter: a visually striking ability that prevents damage and puts them back into Stealth Mode.


The Assassin in Play


The Assassin focuses on dealing two types of damage: Lightning and Void. Not all skills will have an associated elemental damage, but those that do will have their damage increased with the selection of the right items; building a focus around these damage types is advantageous in the long run, especially as you get to the end-game dungeons.


For party play, the Assassin takes on the role of a strong damage dealer, able to easily handle the weaker one-off enemies, or work in concert with the Kung Fu Master or Blade Master to whittle down a Boss Monster’s health. The Assassin must be careful to manage their threat, as attracting the attention (and damage) of enemies can leave the Assassin struggling to remain alive, and greatly reduce their effectiveness.


In Arena PvP, the Assassin’s strength in precision attacks and movements comes into full play. While they’re normally unable to execute the full combos that would get them through any PvE situation, disciplined Assassins know how to take control of any situation by effectively using their Stealth and confusion mechanics, or just by taking advantage of opportune moments.


Common Combos


Combo 1


1. Landmine (Z)


2. Turning Leaf (Tab)


3. Landmine (Z)


4. Shadow Dash (1)


5. Flash Kick (Tab)

Combo 2


1. Shadow Dash (1)


2. Spinal Tap (LMB)


3. Backstep (SS)


4. Silver String (LMB)


5. High Voltage (C)


Combo 3


1. Backstep (SS)


2. Shadowslip (F)


3. Swiftstep (F)


4. Sweeping Gale (Tab)


5. Volley (LMB)


6. Thunderstruck (LMB)


7. Flash Kick (Tab)


8. Hook Kick (Tab)


9. Heart Stab (RB)


10. Lightning Crash (F)

PvP Combo


1. Choke Bomb (4) - Tier 3 Stage 3


2. Turning Leaf (Tab)


3. Shadow Dash (1) – Tier 4 Stage 1


4. Spinal Tap (LMB) – Tier 2 Stage 1


5. Mist Slash (LMB) – Tier 3 Stage 1


6. Heart Stab (RB) – Tier 4 Stage 1


7. Mist Slash (LMB)


8. Heart Stab (RB)


9. Mist Slash (LMB)


10. Heart Stab (RB)


11. Close Shave (F) – Tier 2 Stage 2


12. Lotus Kick (C) – Tier 3 Stage 2


13. Mist Slash (LMB)


14. Heart Stab (RB)


15. Mist Slash (LMB)


16. Heart Stab (RB)


17. Sweeping Gale (Tab)


18. Volley (LMB)


19. Webbing (Tab) – Tier 2 Stage 3


20. Landmine (Z) – Tier 3 Stage 4

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