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This argumentation would have made sense for a single player game or a game with no competetive aspect.

Which is the most OP class in Blade and Soul

This argumentation would have made sense for a single player game or a game with no competetive aspect.


But that is not the case here, is it?


(Right, Western Community. It's all about being the most OP class. People already act like they're on a single player game in any type of content here.)


DPS / support capabilities directly influence the amount of effort you put into upgrading your character, the amount of time you put into running dungeons etc.

(Everything costs the same regardless of class. If you aren't trying to farm solo, dungeons go much faster and requires less effort. Also, RNG has a hand in things. It could take more or less time/effort regardless of class.)


Some classes are more welcome to 24man content (turtle and future ones) than others. That is OK in your opinion?


Which is the most OP class in Blade and Soul


(Nope, of course I've never seen class bias for the 24man content, only gear requirements if there are any requirements at all. The players on your server sound like the problem.)


Having to look for a dungeon group longer than another person just because he rolled a better class is also perfectly fine?


(I've never seen class bias in F8 either, only typical gear requirements. Doing Shattered Masts with no ranged, MSP with no Warlocks... totally unfair towards non OP classes.)


Gaining significantly less resources than others from SSP/Naksun/Whatever farm content there might be in the future doesn't matter because we all know low dps classes have cheaper upgrade paths than top dogs, right ?


(This I can see, ranged have an advantage in getting credit for stuff in SSP... but if they're undergeared they aren't guaranteed free loot... even the top dps class gets wrecked by Terrors though, it's a sucky zone no matter what you play as. Naksun is solo... so other than clear time... the drops will be the same, no?)


In your world FMs should compete with other FMs who breaks the barrier of 800ap sooner while Destroyers should compete with each other who reaches 750ap faster*. That's what you're trying to tell us ?


(Um, not sure I understand what you're getting at here... wouldn't whoever has more time/money gear up faster? That's not really related to a class issue... shouldn't we be comparing ourselves with other players of the same class? Otherwise it's like trying to compare an apple against an orange, other than being fruit, they're completely different.)


(I wasn't trying to step on toes here, sorry. There's obviously problems with parts of classes and I would be thrilled if KR fixes them to make things more fun for the underdog classes... I'm still going to make alts of them either way. =\)

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